What is Tell it to Sun.Star?

Tell it to Sun.Star is a special section managed by Sun.Star Network Exchange (Sunnex), the office that runs the Sun.Star website at www.sunstar.com.ph. Tell it to Sun.Star allows ordinary people to take part in the news.

The stories, photos and videos posted on this site come from people like you who want to help report the news and let government take notice.

The best materials get the chance to be published on Sun.Star community newspapers and online at the Sun.Star website.


What can be accepted as contributions?

Sun.Star accepts almost anything about your community or that which you think the public should know or the government should take notice.

Your photo, however, should not be more than 20 kb each and video should not run to more than three minutes. The text should be not more than 50 words.

In submitting a video, have it uploaded to Youtube or any file sharing site. Just provide us the link or the embed code.

Tell us your story. Be interesting, relevant and accurate. Do not make up a story or use your posts to attack someone. Do not be rude.


How to submit a story?

Just click on the Submit button located at the top right portion of this page, or go direct to http://specials.sunstar.com.ph/tellittosunstar/?page_id=66 to submit a story, photo, or video. Fill up the form.


Why are some fields, including the name and contact details, required when submitting a story?

We collate the information provided us and use them for verification purposes. We may verify your contribution before publishing it. If we cannot contact you, your material will have less chances of getting published.

If you don’t want us to publish your name or contact details, please let us know.


What are tags?

Entries are provided with specific tags that are keywords to organize similar contributions on the site. Tags also increase the chances of your material getting reached from search engines like Google and Yahoo.

For example, a video or photo about a fire in Cebu City may have the tags “fire” and “Cebu City”.


What happens after submitting a story?

Sun.Star editors will screen your contributions. If we find your material worthy of being used, we might call you to check your identity or the veracity of your submission. We might choose to publish your story here or use it for Sun.Star newspapers. We will notify you through email if your contribution gets published. Unless you refuse to be named, we will place your name beside your published material.


User Agreement

The Sun.Star website and Sun.Star Publishing Inc. are not responsible for contributed material posted here. See the Sun.Star website user agreement here or go direct to http://www.sunstar.com.ph/copyright.