Stagnant water at Roga Subdivision

I’m sending you a video clip of the present problem here at Roga Subdivision, Kasambagan in Mabolo District. I already relayed our concerns with George Chang – councilor-elect of Barangay Kasambagan. He promised to help us. (That is what he said 5 years ago and until now nothing has been done about it. If you look at the video clip, you will see that stagnant water is beginning to pile up. This was just a small pool of water 5 years ago. But it looks to me like a lake now. With the rainy season coming by, we will get flooded for sure and the access road will not be passable. Taxis bring some residents home will have difficulty getting a ride if they know they are driving the resident to Kasambagan village. Other taxi drivers are willing to drive provided the passenger adds more fare. Please let me know who to send my email to a reporter that can report the progress or non action of our road and future health problem in Kasambagan. Stagnant water is sure breeding ground for mosquito carrying dengue virus. My fellow residents have asked me to send our SOS and with Sun.Star help, maybe some action can finally be done. I told them election is over and I hope that something positive will come out of our concerns. By the way, the access road wasn’t this bad. The residents have shelled our P30,000 from the Association dues just to smoothen the road. But because of big dump trucks passing there, it has deteriorated the road. This giant Filinvest is to blame, because they are building some condo units in the area. We are no match to these corporate giants, our barangay official seem to be turning a blind eye to our problem. So I am just airing this to the media to see if you can help us.

Your reporter can get in touch with me.

Stephen Jayme
A3 Roga Subdivision. Kasambagan
Mabolo, Cebu City
Cell 0917-834-6507
Globe Duo (032)360-3616

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