‘Don’t dump your garbage’ warning sign

I noticed this sort of warning/notice to public not to dump garbage along this area in Andres Abellana Street in Barangay Guadalupe, Cebu City. I find it ridiculous though how the officials of the barangay or the owner of the property wrote it:

“Guidili ang
pagbutang ug basu
ra dinhing dapita”

Separating “basu” from “ra” is not a good decision. Some people who passed by the area could not help but joke about this warning, saying: “Dili pwede mulabay ug BASU ra dinhing dapita. Kinahanglan naay kuyog nga PLATO, KUTSARA ug TINIDOR, or USA KA LITRO NGA COKE.”

“Basu”, in this context, was used to refer to “baso” or glass/cup used for drinking.

The barangay officials or the owner of this property where the warning was written should correct this notice. Don’t separate “basu” from “ra”. Make it “basura”.

Just call me Ralph.

4 responses to “‘Don’t dump your garbage’ warning sign”

  1. That’s just a one of perhaps more than a million grammar mistakes since the Philippine educational system imposed Pilipino,our national language, as medium of instruction in Philippine schools in the early ’70’s. Look what’s happening now! It’s a fact that many of our teachers can’t speak English grammatically or with comprehension. If the Philippine Department of Education can’t act on this matter now, when? This is a challenge to some school teachers. What do you call the grammar symbol that can be found above the letter i, under the apostrophe sign {!),under the ?, or any other dot/dots before and after any letter or number? If you can answer this, you’re a bookworm! Anyway, I’m just a high school graduate at Bacolod City High School Class 1971-72 for that matter.

  2. It’s very stupid to write that way……….plz people who’re concerned about anything, just be cautious of what you’ve posting in public area specially the warning sign…..a lot of young viewers that doesn’t take it seriously “coz You too does not know whats the the context are….

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