Pedro Calungsod

c. 1654 – April 2, 1672

About Pedro Calungsod

Blessed Pedro Calungsod (c. 1654 – April 2, 1672) was a young Roman Catholic Filipino sacristan and missionary catechist, who along with Spanish Jesuit missionary Blessed Diego Luis de San Vitores, suffered religious persecution and martyrdom on Guam for their missionary work in 1672. Calungsod was beatified on March 5, 2000 by Blessed Pope John Paul II. On February 18, 2012, Pope Benedict XVI officially announced at Saint Peter’s Basilica that Calungsod will be canonised on October 21, 2012.

Very little is known about Pedro Calungsod. Historical records never mentioned his exact place of origin or who his parents were. He was merely identified as a teenage native of the Visayas in the Philippines. Historical research identifies Ginatilan in Cebu, Hinunangan and Hinundayan in Southern Leyte, and Molo district in Iloilo as probable places of origin. Loboc in Bohol also makes a claim.

Moreover, no one even really knows how Calungsod looked like. Calungsod is often depicted as a young man wearing a camisa de chino. He holds the martyr’s palm, indicating his death, or sometimes a crucifix, catechism book or rosary, representing his missionary work.

Few details of his early life prior to missionary work and death are known. It is probable that he came to one of the schools run by Jesuits, where he learned Catechism and Spanish language.

Nevertheless, we can be certain of Calungsod’s ecclesiastical provenance since the entire Visayas region was under the old Diocese (now Archdiocese) of the Most Holy Name (Cebu).



Pedro was just one of the boy catechists who went with San Vitores from the Philippines to the Ladrones Islands in the western North Pacific Ocean in 1668 to evangelize the Chamorros, according to In that century, the Jesuits in the Philippines used to train and employ young boys as competent catechists and versatile assistants in their missions. The Ladrones at that time was part of the old Diocese of Cebu.

Calungsod, then around 14, was among the young exemplary catechists chosen to accompany the Jesuits in their mission to the Ladrones Islands (Islas de los Ladrones or “Islands of Thieves”). Around 1667, these were later named Marianas (Las Islas de Mariana) in honor of Queen Maria Ana of Austria who supported the mission.

Life in the Ladrones was hard. The provisions for the Mission did not arrive regularly; the jungles were too thick to cross; the cliffs were very stiff to climb, and the islands were frequently visited by devastating typhoons. Despite the hardships, the missionaries persevered, and the Mission was blessed with many conversions. The first mission residence and church were built in the town of Hagåtña in the island of Guam.



According to Jesuit Martyrs in Micronesia written by Francis X. Hezel, SJ,  the Jesuit mission in the Mariana Islands was the first in Oceania; it soon also proved to be one of the bloodiest. On 15 June 1668, San Vitores and a band of five other Jesuits arrived on Guam, the southernmost and largest island in a cordillera of fifteen volcanic islands. With the missionaries came a garrison of thirty soldiers, many of them colonials from the Philippines, whose responsibility was to protect the missionaries and to pacify the local people if need should arise.

At this time, Spanish missionaries were actively converting Chamorros to Roman Catholicism. This relationship was peaceful at the beginning with the Spaniards, who were led San Vitores. The initial reception of the missionaries by the Chamorro people was enthusiastic and reassuring. However, that changed over time when Chamorros grew resentful of the way their language and other customs were being replaced. Chamorro deaths had also increased due to foreign-borne illnesses. (

Very soon, a Chinese quack, named Choco, envious of the prestige that the missionaries were gaining among the Chamorros, started to spread the talk that the baptismal water of the missionaries was poisonous, explained. And since some sickly Chamorro infants who were baptized died, many believed the calumniator and eventually apostatized. The evil campaign of Choco was readily supported by the Macanjas who were superstitious local herbal medicine men, and by the Urritaos, the young native men who were given into some immoral practices. These, along with the apostates, began to persecute the missionaries, many of whom were killed.

The most unforgettable assault happened on April 2, 1672, Saturday just before the Passion Sunday of that year. At around seven o’clock in the morning, Pedro – by then already about seventeen years old, as can be gleaned from the written testimonies of his companion missionaries – and San Vitores came to the village of Tomhom [Tumhon; Tumon], in Guam. There, they were told that a baby girl was recently born in the village; so they went to ask the child’s father, named Matapang, to bring out the infant for baptism. Matapang was a Christian and a friend of the missionaries, but having apostatized, he angrily refused to have his baby christened.

Meanwhile, despite the growing distrust and animosity between Chamorros and the Spanish, San Vitores and Calungsod visited Matapang’s home and baptized Matapang’s daughter. It is unclear whether San Vitores came unannounced or if he had been invited into the home by Matapang’s wife.

To give Matapang some time to cool down, Padre Diego and Pedro gathered the children and some adults of the village at the nearby shore and started chanting with them the truths of the Catholic Faith. They invited Matapang to join them, but the apostate shouted back that he was angry with God and was already fed up with the Christian teachings.

Determined to kill the missionaries, Matapang went away and tried to enlist in his cause another villager, named Hirao, who was not a Christian. At first, Hirao refused, mindful of the kindness of the missionaries towards the natives; but, when Matapang branded him a coward, he got piqued and so he consented.

When Matapang learned of the baptism, he became even more furious. He violently hurled spears first at Pedro. The lad skirted the darting spears with remarkable dexterity. Witnesses said that Pedro had all the chances to escape because he was very agile, but he did not want to leave Padre Diego alone. Those who personally knew Pedro believed that he would have defeated his fierce aggressors and would have freed both himself and Padre Diego if only he had some weapon because he was a valiant boy; but Padre Diego never allowed his companions to carry arms. Finally, Pedro got hit by a spear at the chest and he fell to the ground. Hirao immediately charged towards him and finished him off with a blow of a cutlass on the head. Padre Diego could not do anything except to raise a crucifix and give Pedro the final sacramental absolution. After that, the assassins also killed Padre Diego.

Matapang took the crucifix of Padre Diego and pounded it with a stone while blaspheming God. Then, both assassins denuded the bodies of Pedro and Padre Diego, dragged them to the edge of the shore, tied large stones to their feet, brought them on a proa to sea and threw them into the deep. Those remains of the martyrs were never to be found again.

The companion missionaries of Pedro remembered him to be a boy with a very good disposition, a virtuous catechist, a faithful assistant, a good Catholic whose perseverance in the Faith even to the point of martyrdom proved him to be a good soldier of Christ. (



A year after the martyrdom of San Vitores and Calungsod, a process for beatification was initiated but only for San Vitores. Political and religious turmoil, however, delayed and eventually killed the process. In 1981, when Agaña was preparing for its 20th anniversary as a diocese, the 1673 beatification cause of Padre Diego Luís de San Vitores was rediscovered in the old manuscripts and taken up anew until Padre Diego was finally beatified on October 6, 1985. It was his beatification that brought the memory of Pedro to our day.

Beatification is the act by which the Church, through papal decree, permits a specified diocese, region, nation, or religious institute to honor with public cult under the title “Blessed” a Christian person who has died with a reputation for holiness.

In 1994, then Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal asked permission from the Vatican to initiate a cause for beatification and canonization of Pedro Calungsod. In March 1997, the Sacred Congregation for the Causes of Saints approved the Acta of the Diocesan Process for the Beatification of Pedro Calungsod. That same year, Cardinal Vidal appointed Fr. Ildebrando Jesus A. Leyson as vice-postulator for the cause and was tasked with the compilation of a Positio Super Martyrio to be scrutinized by the Sacred Congregation for the Causes of Saints in Rome. The positio, which relied heavily on the documentation of San Vitores’s beatification, was completed in 1999.

Blessed John Paul II, wanting to include young Asian laypersons in his first beatification for the Jubilee Year 2000, paid particular attention to the cause of Calungsod. In January 2000, he approved the decree super martyrio (concerning the martyrdom) of Calungsod, setting his beatification on March 5, 2000 at Saint Peter’s Square in Rome. (



On December 19, 2011, the Holy See officially approved the miracle qualifying Calungsod for sainthood by the Roman Catholic Church. The recognised miracle dates from 2002, when a Leyte woman who was pronounced clinically dead by accredited physicians two hours after a heart attack was revived when a doctor prayed for Calungsod’s intercession.

Cardinal Angelo Amato presided over the declaration ceremony on behalf of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. He later revealed that Pope Benedict XVI approved and signed the official promulgation decrees recognising the miracles as authentic and worthy of belief. The College of Cardinals were then sent a dossier on the new saints, and they were asked to indicate their approval. On 18 February 2012, after the Consistory for the Creation of Cardinals, Cardinal Amato formally petitioned Pope Benedict XVI to announce the canonization of the new saints. The Pope set the date for 21 October 2012 (World Mission Sunday).

After Saint Lorenzo Ruiz, Calungsod will be the second Filipino declared a saint by the Roman Catholic Church. The Roman Catholic calendar of Martyrology celebrates Calungsod’s feast along with Blessed Diego Luis de San Vitores every 2 April. (


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  1. Thank you for this site about Blessed Pedro Calungsod. We await eagerly for his Canonozation and rejoice in the bounty of God’s Saving grace! Amen

    • You’re welcome. Thank you for visiting. We will be posting updates on the life of Blessed Pedro Calungsod here. Balik2x. :)

    • Dante R. dela Victoria says

      Proud to be a Filipino. Salamat sa info about Blessed Pedro Calungsod. More Power sa nagdumala ani nga site. May God Blessed Us All…

      • Our pleasure, sir. Salamat sad. God bless! :)

        • It’s clear that we filipino are the chosen in this time. We are humbled and very good persons. we don’t know the real truth about calongsod maybe he’s not true its work only by the roman empire which is the catholic now. They lied several times every bit of time. so filipino as chosen pls. open your eyes and stop believe on this horrible faith. we must pray to one GOD and we always praise him because the Glory goes to him!

          • Al Gierran says

            One should seek truth on the history of the Universal Church ( Catholic )…we should not just follow the misconception from so called pastors attacking the Church….(Revelation 12). The universal church never orginated from Roman Empire.. it even conquered the centre of the empire…The church development in Rome started when Apostle Paul and Peter arrived in Rome ( Read ACTS, check your history where apsotle wrote his letters to corinth, epheso, galatia and timothy, titus and others ) and conquered the empire as it become the center of Christianities progress towards the World…

          • dexteram patris says

            it is clear that hagler has no knowledge on history ho
            w christianity came and exist

          • Histoman says

            Peter never went to Rome. The Petrine Doctrine is the misinterpretation of Matthew 16:18-19. The rock there is Jesus Christ in the response of Peter in verse 16. Jesus Christ is the true foundation of the church. Ang kinatatayuan po ng Vatican Church ay dating sementeryo ng panahon ng mga Romano. The Book of Acts start with the ministry of Peter and end in the ministry of Paul. No one knows if they really visit there as they planned. The Bible is silent about that. And we are warned not to add or removed any portion of it as Revelation 22:18-19.

          • that’s right

  2. Jun Ganaan says

    Salamat sa post nga makabalo sad mi sa kaagi ni Blessed Pedro. Nia ko sa Guam and we do celebrate his fiesta every last Sunday of March and Cebu Association of Guam is spearheading this yearly novena and fiesta at the Shrine of Blessed Diego de San Vitores in Tumon Guam.

  3. Nilo, Maria & Anna Fernandez says

    With heartfelt thanksgiving to God Almighty for giving us the grace and blessing of another Martyr Saint, Blessed Pedro Calungsod for the young Filipino Catachist as an inspiration to their spirituality.

  4. Nilo,Maria & Anna says

    With heartfelt thanksgiving to God Almighty for the grace and blessing for giving us another Martyr, Blessed Pedro Calungsod. May he be an inspiration to young Filipino Catechists to follow in his footsteps.

  5. ohhhhhhhhhhhh beautiful long story!
    i understand my quiz now!!! i will be perfect it! if i remember it

  6. i understand the story and i will write it if the quiz is start !!!

  7. Perhaps, the information I have from Guam Historians may help some. One of the earliest known recorded females of Chamorro ancestry and earliest documented person to be baptized and Christianized on Guam was named Mariana. Mariana was the daughter of Pedro Calansod/Calansor/Casor/Calangsor/Calangsod (his last name has a variety of spellings in manuscripts), a Visayan Filipino. Unfortunately, we do not know who Mariana’s mother was, but appears to be a Chamorro from Saipan. Calangsod was a survivor of the Spanish galleon Concepcion that wrecked on Saipan in 1639. He and his two year old daughter, Mariana left with Father San Vitores on the San Diego back to Guam in 1668. (Rodgers, 1995) And consistent with the information in this website, Calangsod was killed along with Father San Vitores by Chief Mata’pang and Chief Hirao on April 2, 1672.

    Reference: Rodgers, Robert F. (1995). Destiny’s Landfall: A History of Guam. Honolulu, HI: University of Hawai’i Press.

    • Ronald Verzo says

      you are speaking of Pedro Ximenez and not Pedro Calungsod. see Official report on the life and death of Fr. Medina, letter of Fr. Sanvitores to the Provincial of the Philippines, Agana, 14 May 1671, as clarified by Augusto de Viana in his book In the Far Islands, The Role of Natives from the Philippines in the Conquest, Colonization, and Repopulation of Mariana Islands 1668-1903, published by the University of Santo Tomas Publishing House, 2004

    • you are not even sure with the speeling. How could any normal person believe in you?

    • Ronald Verzo says

      I have read Destiny’s Landfall. And it is a very good read. But facts stated in the book needs to be checked especially in the life of Calungsod who is a minor character in his essay.

  8. R. Solatorio says

    It is a great honor for Filipinos to have a second saint. What really matters me is the process which in hundreds of years in canonizing a Blessed it took years to have miracles, but here we are, for only a single miracle he will be saints?

  9. Thanks for the article…. miracles happen each day…. with the help San Pedro Calungsod intercession life will never be difficult.

  10. Precious cheska lee says

    it’s too long i cannot read this all ! but thanks to this i got some clues and idea :)

  11. we filipinos must do exactly like pedro,exept for the dieng part.

  12. poor calungsod he was a good boy

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    Aburyanan ke.ane santing akwentu bukas ya pala ing kayang pagiging santu.! 😀

  14. Pweding t0t0o pwedi ring hnde.? I do respect all y0ur oppini0ns but, we have only 1g0d sya ay si jesus sa habang panah0n. Sya ung daan patungung langit, “SYA LANG”

    • CORRECTION LNG PO,,,Jesus is not a God,Jesus is just a reflection of our Almighty God,,,

      • Histoman says

        Maybe we really don’t understand what the Bible says when Jesus was called the Son of God. It means he is equal to God, the second person of the Holy Trinity. You try to explain the Trinity doctrine, you may loose your mind, but not believing it, you loose your soul… I want you to read the book Titled “Truth Encounter” by ex Priest Anthony Pezotta. A really worthy book you must read to answer all your question regarding your faith. Curiosity, conviction, commitment. Welcome to the true faith.

      • jesus is one of the holy trinity

        the trinity is referring to only one god but different distinct person

        there are three
        the father (almighty father)
        the son (jesus christ)
        holy spirit

        as jesus say that “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them, and I will raise them up at the last day.


    • I believe & agree you po

  15. :) Ang sarap para ng pakiramdam kapag, ung bansang tinitirahan mo may dalawa nang santo.. Nagkaroon pa ng play tungkol sa kanya sa school namin. Tuwang-tuwa ako at the same time nakakalungkot rin, dahil wala naman talagang lason ung tubig, kasi HOLY.. Sinungaling kasi si Choco, kung hindi dahil sa kanya hindi mamamatay nang maaga si Pedro.. :(

  16. Thru the intercession of GOD OUR FATHER< JESUS CHRIST OUR DI VINE MERCY, MAMA MARY MEDIATRIX OF ALL GRACE, ALL ANGELS<ARCHANGELS AND SAINTS< St. Pedro Calungsod please pray for us esp my mother, elizabeth ortega sufferring from severe osteoarthritis, for nick semeniuk-healing of body mind spirit, blessings for a job, for mary elsa semeniuk-blessings for faith hope love, strength of mind body spirit as caregiver, financial, maraming maraming salamat po, ST. PEDRO CALUNGSOD, please intercede and pray for US ALL

    • Histoman says

      If you believe the Bible is God’s Word. Please read
      1 Timothy 2:3-5. Recall your lesson from The Reformation Period…. No offense, just only telling what God says..

  17. San Pedro Calungsod!!! I don’t know yet your story but I am so great that I know you!!! kasi one night when I was about to sleep I fell my heart aching…And then I was so hopeless, then I pray to God as well as you..for your help and by God.. The pain was eliminated.. Thank you so much!!!!Please help me also in my pregnancy, I have goiter hope that I will deliver my child normally, have nothing to worry about…sana mawala na rin ang sakit na Goiter at yong tiyan ko po laging sumasakit!!! Please help me pray to God!!! God bless you!!! Once again Thank you so much!!!

  18. Francis says

    Blessed Pedro Calungsod and soon will be Saint, please help me to my mission on Ayala, I will do it for my family. Thanks !!

  19. Blessed Pedro Calungsod, Pray for us ,all the Filipino expat workers here in PNG,may your passion in serving God and strong Faith be with us as we continue our mission work in foriegn land.

  20. Please blessed Pedro Calungsod, tulungan mo po ang aking anak na gumaling sa kanyang karamdaman ibalik mo po sa kanya ang dati niyang kalusugan. at tulungan mo rin po ang ibang mga anak ko sa mga problema nila sa buhay. ako rin po blessed Pedro Calungsod tulungan mo rin po ako sa aking nararamdaman na huag mauwi sa masamang sakit ilayo mo po kami sa mga sakit na malubha. maraming salamat po blessed Pedro Calungsod

  21. Blessed Calungsod…pls be reminded me always that your mission would be my mission..burned me by your love and guidance…Blessed Calungsod helped me in my journey by taking my exam..Blessed Calungsod dreamed me by love and confidence..

  22. masaya ako kay blessed pedro calungsod dahil siya ay pilipino saint idol ko sya

  23. in this time of prestige and honor, let us Filipinos become one in humbly glorifying and magnifying our dear brother in Christ, soon to be Saint Pedro Calungsod, as he is to become the 2nd Filipino saint given as respected honor by no less than the Vatican and our Pope St. Benedict XVI, through the effort of those who believed in him… Saint Pedro Calungsod, please pray to our God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit to guide our country to veer to the right path along with our government officials. Bless them that they may be able to work tirelessly to make our country a God fearing community with respect with one another… Help me also Saint Pedro Calungsod, to correct the mistakes i have committed and help me pay my debts and be able to be forgiven by the people i have done wrong. i ask this through your intercession, AMEN…

    • So funny some of either prayer/asking Saint Pedro to help pay their debt…come on people,you want Saint Pedro to give you money,why won’t you pay it now with your own hard and pay the people you owed money,so that,your guilt will be lifted up and be forgiven by them..Gosh…

  24. Pedro Calungsud, I’m happy that you will be a saint soon. I admire your courage. Through your intercession, please pray for me to God that I will find a good job and support my family.
    Thank you…

  25. Amor Mia Vequiso says

    We do believe that we have one GOD “God the father, God the son & God the holy spirit” but as a catholic christian we have to unite and celebrate the memorable day October 21, 2012.

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    Blessed Pedro Calungsod please help me and my family….i hope i can get back the money i lend to a friend i knew only thru social networking…my family need that very badly…i will be going on my annual vacation this christmas i hope my family will have a white christmas…since last since my father died before christmas we were not able to celebrate christmas because we are still in our grieving period…..please help also the needy and all ofw……

    • Histoman says

      only the Lord Jesus Christ can intercede for us po.

      • tama.. ang tapang ni beato pedro calungsod

      • CatholicChristian says

        When the servants ask Jesus’ mother about the shortened supply of wine in a wedding in Cana, she ask Jesus to do something…and Jesus turned the water into wine.

        Isn’t it the same if you ask your pastor or your friends or your churchmates to pray for you or for a particular intention. If you really believe that Jesus is the only one who can intercede for us..why say, “IPAGDASAL MO AKO PASTOR/KAIBIGAN?”

        • Histoman says

          But the person is already dead and in the Bible God is very angry with idolatry. And God is a jealous God. Only Christ can save us and only through His name we can have an access to God. We Filipinos don’t really learn fron the past. Still we ignore what God really says from His Word, the Bible. Ignorance of the law (Bible) excuses no one.

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    Saint Pedro Calungsod thru your Divine intercession bless my family, my future work in war zone country, give me the courage to face obstacles and reality in life

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  29. Dear Pedro Calungsod, the time has come for your canonisation Saint Pedro Calunglod, please pray for me and my family to have a good health protect us from danger and harm. Saint Pedro Calungsod I wish in your day of canonisation to held all my sickness, givestrength to face my obstacles that i face now especially for my financial needs, that i can help my family in the philippines that i can pay there debts to other person. I wish also for my coming exam that i can remember what i am going to study. I wish that i can finish and graduate my nursing course and i can find job so that i can help others. I wish all my dreams come that i can buy my own house and i can travel to the promised land. In Jesus name …Amen

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    Saint Pedro Calungsod, please help me and my family in praying for the fast recovery of my little niece, the daugther of my sister Hazel Paloma Agbayani…Her name is Azel Verne Paloma Agbayani, 1 and a half year old. she has gone over to many operations, and hoping that this coming operation will be the last of it.. Believing that you and The Lord will hear our prayers…

    and also for the people that have read this message, please pray for her.. thank you soo much and My Godbless Us all..

  31. Dear Saint Pedro Calungsod, in your canonization I pray and wish to healed my diabetes sickness that i can continue to study and finish my nursing course, bless also that I can pass all of my units this semester. Saint Pedro Calungsod nanalig po ako sayo na tulongan at pagalingin mo po ako sa akin mga karamdaman lalong lalo na nag iisa lang po ako sa lugar na ito malayo po ako sa mga mahal ko sa buhay tulongan po ninyo ako na gaya din sayo maging matapang harapin ang mga pagsubok sa buhay, tulungan po niyo ako maging malakas ang pangngatawan ko po para makatulong ako sa aking mga mahal sa buhay sa Filipinas. Umaasa po ako sa iyong pagkadakila. Mabuhay po kayo Saint Pedro Calungsod….You are our inspiration as being a young saint. Amen.

  32. Blessed Pedro Calungsod, please help for my son’s success.

  33. Blessed Pedro Calungsod, please away me from any negative energy… “I love you and `I’m very, very proud of you!

  34. roel b. dayaan says

    How will I know Blessed Pedro Calungsod interceded to God for the recovery of Leyte woman? May God show every faithful the trugh of his love…

  35. Santo Pedro Calungsod, please intercede in my behalf and pray for my petition in Jesus and Holy Mary mother of God’s name so I pray…. Santo Pedro Calungsod pray for us, Santo Pedro Calungsod pray for us, Santo Pedro Calungsod pray for us… Amen

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    Mga baliw pala kayo puede naman kayo humingi ng prayer request in silence at your own, tingan mo ang iba, yung prayers mo para kay blessed Pedro Calungsod binabasa rin at biglang sila rin ang sasagot maganda po taimtim ka nalang na manalangin. mas marami kasi taong paki alamiro/Alamira ugali ng pinoy yan. dapat maging proud nalang tayo at ipag malaki ang ating lahi!

    • blaikeman says

      I understand that we can have our prayers in a silent way but you should also understand and learn how to leave your remarks in a proper manner…He may bless you :-)

    • marlon dingal jr says

      ….tama ka friend..

  37. daghan salamat sa bag-o nga santo nga si pedro calungsod.

  38. Happy Canonization Saint Pedro Calungsod, Pray for us and for me to lead the right path which I am going through of my future life. God the Father, Thank you have another Filipino Saint’s, let Saint Pedro Calungsod as our instrument to be strong in faith in God. Saint Pedro Calungsod, lead, guide and give strength and strong health and my family too.Thank you.

  39. Excuse me. hindi pa po snto si pedro calungsod. mamaya pa pong alas tres ng hapon!! Let us together pray to him and praise him for he had sacrificed his life just to spread the Cathecism!!!!

  40. Please help my family give good health esp. My dad whos suffering back pain whos using cane due to his mild stroke last april. My sister for his goiter , my who is hypertensive.. Help everyboby in the family. Help us in our financial problem.. Pray for us st. Pedro calungsod. Amen.

  41. michelle says

    saint Pedro Calungsod,thank you for sacrifices.sana ikaw ang mging huwaran ng mga kabataan sa ngaun.dinadalangin nmin sa iyo n nawa’y kmi ay patnubayan at ang kahilingan k po sa inyo n tulungan m akong mkapasa sa board exam.

  42. Randy A Enorasa says

    Dear Blessed Pedro Calungsod
    ako po isang serviceman sana po gabayan mo kami sa aming mga paglalakbay sa araw araw at ilayo nyo po kmi sa mga kapamahakan at ingatan nyo po and buong sanlibutan at patawarin nyo po ang nagkakasala sa araw araw ako po ay naniniwala na my kakayahan kayong magpagaling ng mga sakit sana po pagaling nyo po ang nararamdaman ko ngayon, at ingatan nyo po ang akin mgina na si marlyn at trixie

  43. Dorothy Calungsod says

    I come from Calungsod families from Cebu, Ginatilan… and we are said to be Pedro`s relatives but I do believe in the Bible says… we are all saints, who accept Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior and through His grace we are saved. In John 14:6 …Jesus answered, ” I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. But I also respect every person and also every beliefs and religion….( live and let others life live )….so we just love and respect each other because that is God`s commandment to mankind aside from loving Him with all our hearts and with all our souls. Amen.

  44. saint pedro calunsod,pls give us good health more blessings to come… guide us always 4 our safety… guide us in d ryt way…

  45. BLESSED PEDRO CALUNGSOD i beg you to please pray for all of us here on earth especially for those suffering from cancer…i am asking for your healing prayer for my daughter…i thank you and promise you that i will continue growing in faith …love…in JESUS name AMEN!!!

  46. leonido says

    my dear san pedro calungsod,
    ako si leonido nia ko karon sa turkmenistan nagtrabaho ng sakripisyo para sa ako pamilya proud kaayo ko nga ikaw ang no.1 santo sa visayas hinaot ko dili ko nimo hikalimtan para sa ako pamilya ako asawa mga anak ilabi na kamagulangan ko anak na may heart desease si trisha mae tabangi siya mawala ang buslot sa iyang heart ug ako profession work para ako pamilya nga successtull ako
    daghan salamat
    leonido mongaya CFC member

  47. leonido says

    sab pedro calungsod im proud you are no.1 saint in the visayan please help my child trisha mae give her meracle to recover heart desease and my family together my wife and daughters with my work profession will be successful im here in turkmenistan *

    leonido mongaya CFC *

  48. jen marasigan says

    Im very proud for we have now 2nd Filipino Saint. I want to know more about Blessed Pedro Calungsod and his miracles. We are really blessed….. “Blessed Pedro Calungsod, please pray for us”

  49. […] sketchy details of Calungsod’s life are not for me to debunk as there is hardly any verifiable evidence of his martyrdom. It is obvious […]

  50. pedro calungsod was a good saint….he sacrifice himself for our sake….thank you very much…


  51. Dear Blessed Pedro Calungsod,

    I know I don’t have that much trust in you because I don’t know you that much as well. But I know that with your intercession to OUR FATHER, prayers can be heard and answered.

    I thank you for the contract that was extended and thanks to Mam Hermie. May she be enlightened always to lighten our burdens as PR’s.

    Blessed Pedro, I am again humbly asking for help regarding my clients. Please enlighten their minds as well and they will get units in our project. Hatagi ko ug sales this month please..

    I am sorry for all Ive done against you and everyone else.

    Thank you so much and Good day.

    • I pray that everyone should look at the Bible more closely… In Ephesians 6:18, we are urged to pray FOR all the saints… not TO the saints… because in Psalm 34:19, WE are the saints and WE are the INTERCESSORS.

  52. our blessed in our comment is rong awy taht people

  53. i love this!! i thought he was hispanic though.. like i like he was puerto rican…. not filopina

  54. this is unhelpful. i do not understand because i am non english. i love google translate



  57. God what are you doing on here? you were supposed to get me a sandwhich.


  59. You are my husband, God. You were supposed to get your wife her food. You do not want me mad, i will go and leave you for Satan.




  63. St. Pedro of Calungsod Is A Great Roman Catholic Filipino 😀

  64. St. Pedro Did A Great Job

  65. […] Art, is set to donate and install a Filipiniana altar dedicated to Filipino St. Lorenzo Ruiz and Blessed Pedro Calungsod at the prestigious Pontificio Collegio Filippino in Rome, […]

  66. nalipay ko dako sa tibuok kung kasing kasing, nga tungod nimo PEDRO CALUNGSOD ug pinaagi sako ug sa akong bana mag ampo me nga imo ako tabangan panahon nga ako nag mild stroke, tungod sa akong HEART , hugot ang among pag ampo nga pinaagi nimo , mamaayo ang akong sakit ug DAGHANG SALAMAT KAAYO sa imong kaagi mga maaoy nka dugang ug kalig-on sa akong pag tuo dha kang KRISTO JESUS nga maoy tinugdan sa tanan namong kinabuhi, ug sa kanunay kami nagahandum sa imo, ug unta imo gabayan kanunay ang akong bana nga atua sa laing nasud nga unta magmalig-on sya uban sa Pulong ni Kristo , ug hatgan KO, akong BANA ug ang akong duha ka anak ug maayong panglawas, pra mkapadayon kami sa among pagmangalagad dha kanimo kang kang Kristo Jesus. AMEN




      • Bernardo Rivera says

        @ Akou: I forgive your ignorance. Your comments seem to come from an uninformed, misinformed, or simply a pretentious Christian (if you are a Christian at all). Do you know the term “Communion of Saints”? Do you know what “Holy” means? If not, then I suggest that you keep your comments to yourself because they show your lack of knowledge. And as the saying goes: “Little knowledge is treacherous”. Also, a poster says: “If you have nothing nice to say, SHUT UP”.

  67. sa lahat ng mga pilipino, mga kababayan, nais ko poh malaman ninyong lahat na ang pagiging “santo” ay higit pa sa pagiging “bayani”, sang ayon poh ba kayo? kung OO or OPO ang sagot ninyo, ang masasabi ko lang po ay sana ating suriing mabuti ang buhay, pinagmulan, ang uri ng pagkatao meron ang taong ating hinahangaan, may mga tanong lang po ako sa lahat ng Pilipinong naniniwala na siya ay “santo”? SAAN PO TALAGA SIYA IPINANGANAK?SAAN PO SIYA LUMAKI?TAGA SAAN POH MGA MAGULANG NIYA?DI BA PO DAPAT AY MAY MGA KAMAG ANAK SIYA NA NAIWAN DITO SA PILIPINAS? NASAAN PO SILA? mga tanong ko po yan na alam ko na kahit sino sa inyong lahat o sa lahat ng pilipino sa buong mundo ay WALANG MAKAKASAGOT, paki usap lng po sa inyong lahat HINDI PO SIYA DIYOS na dapat nating dasalan, may tinuro po si PANGINOONG JESUS KRISTO sa atin kung paano tayo magdasal, ANG “AMA NAMIN”, suriin po sana ninyong lahat kung anu ang nilalaman ng “AMA NAMIN”…salamat po sa inyo… SUMA INYO ANG DIYOS NG KAPAYAPAAN AT PAGPAPALA…

    • Henry N. Languisan says

      Alam ko po ang saloobin ninyo. Si San Pedro Calungsod ay santo, hindi Diyos. Alam namin ito bilang mga lingkod ng Diyos. Gayunpaman, ipinakita ni San Pedro Calungsod ang kadakilaan ng kanyang pagmamahal sa Diyos. Dahil dito, itinanghal siya bilang isang alagad ng Diyos na nagpatotoo sa kadakilaan ng Diyos. Siya ang naging tulay upang maiparating ang mensahe ng kaligtasan sa mga taong nangangailangan ng evanghelyo, noong panahon na ang mga tao ay hindi pa nakakikilala sa Diyos, tulad ng mga Chamoro ng Guam.
      Tandaan natin na siya ay nabuhay noong 1654, mahigit isang siglo pa lamang mula nang nadiscover ang pilipinas. Wala pa pong NSO noon at hindi lahat ng mga ipinapanganak noong unang panahon ay masusing naitatala sapagkat wala pang sistematikong pagtatala ng mga tao sa mga panahong iyon. Maging ang edukasyon ay naipararating lamang sa mga katutubo sa pamamagitan ng mga PARING MISYONERO na nagmalasakit upang tayo ay maturuan ng pagsusulat at pagbabasa. Utang natin sa mga Paring ito ang edukasyong tinatamasa natin ngayon.
      Si San Pedro Calungsod ay tinuruan at lumaki sa silong ng mga paring katulad ni Beato Diego de San Vitores. Ang tanging nagpatotoo lamang na siya ay nabuhay, ay mula sa mga manuskrito ng mga paring misyonero noong ika 17 siglo.
      Ang simbahan ay masusing pinag aralan ang kanyang buhay. Isa pa, walang record ng kanyang paglilibing dahil itinapon siya sa dagat kasama ni Beato Diego. Ang pagiging santo ay isang mabusising proseso. Kung tutuusin, ang kanyang kadakilaan ay matagal na pinag aralan mula 1985 hanggang 2012. Siguro sapat na ang panahong ginugol ng simbahan sa pag aaral tungkol sa kanyang pagiging martir at pagmamahal sa Diyos. Wag nating husgahan ang bagay na kailanman di natin naiintindihan.
      Ang mga taong naghanap ng ebidensya upang mailuklok si San Pedro Calungsod bilang alagad ng Diyos ay nag-aral ng mahabang panahon. Magbasa po tayo wag manghusga dahil sa nagdarasal kami sa kanya.
      Si San Pedro Calungsod ay may mga kamag anak sa Visayas. Ang totoo, karamihan sa kanila ay nasa Cebu. UULITIN KO PO, WALA PANG NSO NOON. Actually dito sa pilipinas walang eksaktong record ng Birth certificate noong 18th century. Karamihan ng naitala ay base sa kanilang BAPTISMAL RECORD NA ITINAGO NG MGA PARING KATOLIKO NOONG UNANG PANAHON. Magpasalamat tayo dahil sa MGA PARING KATOLIKO may record ang mga tao. Pero hindi po lahat. Lalong lalo na yung mga nasa bundok at mga parte na may mga MUSLIM.
      Ang dasal na Ama Namin ay ang dasal na itinuro ni Kristo sa mga Apostol. Ama natin ang Diyos. Ama rin po ni San Pedro Calungsod. Siguro, di naman po magagalit ang Ama natin kung sakaling binigyan natin ng pagpapahalaga ang mga taong naging wagas ang pag-ibig sa Kanya.
      Isang paninilay. Kung ikaw ay nagmamahal nang wagas sa Diyos, at kung sakaling ang mabuting gawa mo ay dinakila ng mga tao pagkatapos mong pumanaw, marahil ikinalulugod ng Diyos na maging dakila ang iyong naging halimbawang pagmamahal sa Diyos. At kung sakaling tutularan ng mga tao ang iyong ginawa, marahil ito ay magpapatotoo na ang pagmamahal ng Diyos ay di lamang para sa mga buhay, kundi ipinadarama rin Niya sa pamamagitan ng mga taong pumanaw na, na naglingkod ng tapat sa Kanya. Si San Pedro Calungsod ay instrumento ng Diyos upang ipalaganap ang Kanyang pagmamahal at pagpapala.
      Ang santo ay ang mga pumanaw na nasa langit. Ito ay may dalawang klase- Canonized o yung naitala o nasulat, at Uncanonized o yung di naitala. Sa awa ng Diyos, magiging Santo ka rin. Uncanonized!
      God Bless You!

    • Henry N. Languisan says

      The Canonization Process

      “Saint” comes from the Latin word sanctus, which means a holy person. In various religions, saints are people who are believed to have exceptional holiness.

      In Christian usage, “saint” refers to any believer who is “in Christ”, and in whom Christ dwells, whether in heaven or on earth. All Christians in heaven are considered to be saints, but some are considered to be worthy of higher honor, emulation, or veneration. They are called “canonized” saints, or saints in the official list (canon) of the Catholic Church.

      Canonization is the act by which the Catholic church declares that a deceased person is a saint and is included in the canon, or official list, of recognized saints.

      Canonization does not make someone a saint. It is only a declaration that the person is a saint and was a saint even before canonization.

      The Church’s official recognition of sanctity implies that the persons are now in heavenly glory, that they may be publicly invoked and mentioned officially in the liturgy of the Church, most especially in the Litany of the Saints.

      Phases in the Canonization Process

      “Servant of God”
      The process leading towards canonization begins at the diocesan level. The bishop of the place where the candidate died or is buried gives permission to open an investigation into the virtues of the individual. By this act the candidate becomes a Servant of God.

      Normally an organization to promote the cause of the candidate’s sainthood is created to undertake an exhaustive search of the candidate’s writings, speeches, sermons, and eyewitness accounts. Based on this exhaustive research a detailed biography is written.

      When sufficient information has been gathered the findings are presented by the local bishop to the Roman Curia (the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints” where it is assigned a postulator. The postulator gathers further information about the life of the Servant of God.

      “Declaration ‘Non Cultus'”
      At some point permission is granted for the body of the Servant of God to be exhumed and examined. Relics are taken. Finally the certification of “non cultus” is published. This is a declaration that no superstitious or heretical worship or improper cult has developed about the Servant of God.

      “Venerable/Heroic in Virtue”
      When enough information has been gathered the congregation will recommend to the pope that he make a proclamation of the Servant of God’s heroic virtue, that is, that the servant exhibited the theological virtues of faith, hope and charity, and the cardinal virtues of prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance, “to an heroic degree”. From this point on the person is given the title “Venerable”.

      Beatification is a statement by the Church that it is “worthy of belief” that the person is in heaven and is given the title “Blessed”. The requirements for this step depends on whether the Venerable is a martyr or a “confessor”.

      For a martyr, the pope has only to make a declaration of martyrdom, a certification that the venerable gave his or her life voluntarily as a witness for the faith and/or in an act of heroic charity for others.

      If the Venerable was not a martyr it must be proven that a miracle has taken place by his/her intercession – that is, that God has shown a sign that the person is enjoying the Beatific Vision and that God performed a miracle in response to the his/her prayers.

      Today, these miracles are almost always miraculous cures. Typically, the patient was sick, there was no known cure for the ailment, prayers were directed to the Venerable, the patient was cured, the cure was spontaneous, instantaneous, complete and lasting, and doctors cannot find any natural explanation.

      To be canonized at least one miracle is necessary. Once canonized the saint is assigned a feast day. Parish churches may be built in his/her honor.





    • vebwieleen raquel says

      oo tamah kah nga ///…

    • pinili siya ng diyos upang maglingkod at inspirasyon ng mga kabataan.

  68. He is so good Filipino

  69. […] Blessed Pedro Calungsod (c. 1654 – April 2, 1672) was a young Roman Catholic Filipino sacristan and missionary catechist, who along with Spanish Jesuit missionary Blessed Diego Luis de San Vitores, suffered religious persecution and martyrdom on Guam for their missionary work in 1672. Calungsod was beatified on March 5, 2000 by Blessed Pope John Paul II. On February 18, 2012, Pope Benedict XVI officially announced at Saint Peter’s Basilica that Calungsod will be canonised on October 21, 2012. (sunstar) […]

  70. Harold Gouty says

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  73. […] 1672: Death of Saint Pedro Calungsod, Filipino saint and Catholic missionary, born in 1654 […]

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