Valentine Greetings

THROUGH the centuries, the Christian holiday on the feast of St. Valentine became a time to exchange love messages. St. Valentine is the patron saint of lovers.

This Valentine season, greet your loved ones through this greetings board. Sun.Star has devoted this page to hear your message and thoughts.

You can also reminisce with us how you met your Valentine.

Sun.Star, however, reserves the right to delete messages that are offensive, in bad taste, libelous or go against the purpose of this page.

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20 thoughts on “Valentine Greetings

  1. happy valentine to all people in the phill-and special to people of maasin city,southern layette.
    god bless you all

  2. I’d like to celebrate Valentines not only on Feb. 14, but everyday, for then I think of nothing but love.

    Happy Valentines day Philippines, especially to my beloved home province of Cebu! I miss and love you, my ever dearest Cebu.

    I may not be around with you physically, but spiritually I assure you, my beloved Cebu, that you always occupy a very special place in my heart on Valentines day (Feb.14).

  3. Happy Valentines to my husband who is working away from us. I love you and I will always be loving you. Please be safe always, we are always waiting here for you, for us to reunite again.

  4. happy valentines to my family,most specially to my beatiful and loving wife rubielyn aleria wise you all the good health and to our children danica,xander jr.,and alexalyn..hoping we see its other..good day and i love you so much jighello35..

  5. hello,,people throughout the world… be happy this valentine seasons… MAy the God bless us all… families… JP … and to all who perished in this world… happy valentines///

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