The Philippine Fiesta in America: 14th Successful Year of Celebration

FOR 14th year in a row, the largest and most successful indoor gathering of Filipinos in the East Coast comes alive. Dubbed the Philippine Fiesta in America, this two-day Filipino-themed exposition celebrates the vibrancy of Philippine culture.

The Fiesta consistently draws crowds of over 20,000 from far and wide. Over the years, guests have arrived in droves from New York, New Jersey, its neighboring states and as far as California, Canada, and the Philippines.

This year’s Philippine Fiesta in America is set for the weekend of August 18-19 at the Meadowlands Expo Center in Secaucus, New Jersey, USA.

Anchored on the Filipino values of community, solidarity, and friendship, the Fiesta provides a rare opportunity for families and friends to invigorate and renew ties.

One of the Philippine Fiesta in America’s key success factors is the ability to provide an avenue for businesses to sell to the lucrative Filipino-American market — a robust, multibillion-dollar economic force with a high per-capita income.

Filipinos in America gather for the Philippine Fiesta

The Fiesta is an ideal place for small businesses looking to expand their customer base. Start-ups who wish to throw their hat into the business arena are likewise encouraged to participate and run with the best.

The Fiesta’s bustling trade pavilion is the venue where both Filipino and American companies vie for new markets and fortify their position in the market.

Empowerment and assertiveness is promoted by providing an atmosphere conducive to encouraging lively interaction between exhibitors and visitors, thus paving the way toward mutually profitable business relationships.

The Philippine Fiesta, however, is more than just a trade fair and social gathering. It is also a rallying cry to rediscover Filipino heritage.

Numerous attractions entice guests to immerse themselves in all things Pinoy. The world-renowned artistry of the Filipino shines in cultural events ranging from traditional dance numbers to show stopping extravaganzas, as internationally-acclaimed visual and performing artists from the US and the Philippines showcase their exceptional, high profile talent.

For those who miss the home-cooked meals of the islands, the Food Court offers a wide variety of mouth-watering dishes made to perfection based on recipes originating from the various regions of the Philippines.

To sponsor, exhibit, advertise or attend the 2012 Philippine Fiesta in America festivities, please contact Mila Mendez at 001-212-682-6610 or e-mail: or

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