Kibaka launches 'Nationwide Awareness Campaign'

KIBAKA Canada is calling on all members of the “Ang Samahang Kibaka” worldwide to join the group in the launching of its “Nationwide Awareness Campaign” through the Internet.

The group has developed three 2011 calendars for such purpose: Panawagan, Farmer, and Kahirapan.

The first calendar, named “Panawagan”, was designed to be sent to all government offices, from the executive to legislative and ministry level.

The “Farmer” calendar was designed to be sent to all provincial, municipal and barangay officials, while the “Kahirapan” calendar was crafted for all company and private offices, as well as all Filipinos with email addresses.

The Kibaka calendars, according to the group, were created to inform all Filipinos worldwide of the existing problems of the Philippines and how they can help solve them.

As part of the campaign, the group is asking all Kibaka members to spread its cause by sending at least seven emails to seven friends.

“Ask them to each forward it to another seven Filipinos… This is a very simple inexpensive way to do our part! Let us do it now, no delay for it is plain, it can be done this way!” Kibaka Canada said in a statement.

To register your participation, send an email response to or

Kibaka Canada’s central office is in Toronto, Canada. (Press release)

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