Fil-Am joins Miss Teen California, USA 2012

FOURTEEN-year-old Filipino-American Leah Taylor Ligan will be part of next year’s Miss Teen California, USA.

Taylor, as she is fondly called by friends and family, was born in Glendale, California from both Filipino parents. Her father is a native of Davao, while her mother — born from a Cebuano mother and American father — was born in California.

Taylor describes her father as “very traditional and strict” but “such a hardworking man.”

“I can see the difference with my friends’ fathers who are not Filipino. They’re more laidback and not very strict,” she says.

However, Taylor admits that despite her father’s tough rules, he remains fun and adventurous.

Like her dad, Taylor is an outgoing person. She enjoys playing basketball and volleyball. And like most Filipinos, she also has the love for music; she can play the piano and violin. (Read more)



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