British-Filipinos push for public diplomacy and stronger representation

A BRITISH-Filipino company was launched in London this month to promote public diplomacy and provide programs in bringing stronger representation to Filipinos in the United Kingdom. One Filipino was formed by two university students from London, Mark Wolfisz, 23, and Jordan Anthony Magtoto, 23, who both worked during the Ondoy relief efforts of the British-Filipino community in 2009. They are joined by Peps Villanueva, a community leader from Surrey, and…

January 18, 2011

Randy Gener to receive presidential award

MANILA — An award-winning Filipino writer, editor, drama critic, playwright and visual artist will be conferred with the 2010 Pamana ng Pilipino Presidential Award by President Benigno Aquino III in MalacaƱang on December 14. Randy Gener, who has published his works in publications in the US, Europe and Asia, will receive the award together with seven Filipino organizations, one foreign group, three foreigners and 13 Filipinos who are the recipients…

December 11, 2010

Martial law hero honored in Texas

WESLACO, Texas — The City Council of Weslaco recently passed a resolution proclaiming September 30 as “Ribomapil Holganza Day.” The resolution was passed in honor of Ribomapil “Dodong” Holganza Sr., the former secretary general of Pilipino Democratic Party (PDP-Laban), a staunch oppositionist to the late Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos. It acknowledges Holganza’s role in bringing back freedom and democracy to the Filipino people during the dark years of martial law…

November 20, 2010

Filipina gets Star Student award

A YOUNG Filipina from Buckhorn High School in Madison County, Alabama has been awarded as Waff 48 Star Student for her impressive performance in the field of art. Waff is a television network affiliate for Huntsville, Alabama and is broadcasting on channel 48. See video here Andrea Arrojado, 16, spent her earlier school years in the Philippines, studying in Cebu Bradford School, 7th Day Adventist Center, and St. Alphonsus Catholic…

October 27, 2010