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We encourage more Filipinos, especially those abroad, to share with us their activities and experiences in stories, photos, and videos through this group. Feel free to submit to us press releases or photos or videos of anything newsworthy.

Members of this group may also share topics for discussion and exchange comments on or suggestions to certain issues.

Terms and Conditions:

In submitting press releases, photos, or videos to SunStar Filipino Abroad special section, you agree to provide us your name and contact details for attribution and verification, when necessary.

However, SunStar may withhold your real name, screen name or other information at your request. So, when submitting your material, tell us if you want your name or other details withheld.

SunStar reserves the right to screen the material and reject/delete those that are not factual, are offensive, or go against rules and acceptable behavior.

The stories and discussion may be published on SunStar community newspapers, SunStar Filipino Abroad special section, and online at www.sunstar.com.ph.

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  1. to KATLENE O. CACHO. about your article “Consulting firm to push for Canadian study-work program”.
    pinoycare visa center nina mabatid quoted “You only need to pay half or the semester’s rate while the remaining amount you can pay it from the salary you earn there while studying,”. this is really wrong. The colleges here will asked you for the full tuition if you are a foreign student. before they ever accept you to study in there college. Without that acceptance you can never get the study permit or visa to come here.

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