Marco Polo Plaza Cebu’s Love Letter Winner

IN THIS age of 145-character statements and instant messaging, Marco Polo Plaza is pleased that the art of writing Love Letters is still alive and well.

As part of the hotel’s annual Valentine tradition, we launched the third Love Letters contest last February.

Anyone could join as long as the love letter was originally written by them. The prize for the winner was a Valentine date and an overnight stay at Marco Polo Plaza.

The hotel received a total of 116 love letters this year. Playwright and songwriter Jude Gitamondoc and writer and indie film actress Genica Mijares were this year’s judges of the contest. Finally after some deliberation, they chose the winning entry.

The letter sender’s name is Jhanis Vincentte S. Villadolid. Her letter was dedicated to her husband, Glenn, who she said sacrificed a lot when they had a child at a young age. Here’s a short excerpt from her letter:

“I bet it wasn’t easy for you to have become a father so early, when the world was right in front of you for the taking, when life was a party and women and beer were aplenty. The choice between big bosomed women versus dirty diapers can be confusing but you chose to be a father and a good one at that.”

Jhanis and her husband won a 6-course dinner at Marco Polo Plaza’s newly renovated Blu Bar & Grill on Valentine’s Day and a gift certificate for an overnight stay. “We had a beautiful night, from the special welcome down to the exquisite dinner. However beyond the prizes, what made me so happy was that the letter seemed to have inspired a few people and that’s exactly what I hoped for,” Jhanis shared about her experience.

Indeed, Marco Polo Plaza is glad that the art of writing love letters is alive and well.

The contest hopes to spark a continuous desire in people to keep writing, regardless of occasion and time of the year.

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