The demigod diaries

Are you one of those people itching for the next Heroes of Olympus adventure?

Until the third book from Rick Riordan’s series is released, treat yourself to the Demigod Diaries, a collection of short stories and games to get you going. Aside from new demigods and those you’ve come to love, you’ll have a great time meeting new monsters as well.

In this book, you’ll read about Luke Castellan before he became the bad guy in Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. Here, you’ll find out why he, Annabeth and Thalia were so close.

If you’ve been missing some Percy and Annabeth moments, read about a short adventure they share in trying to locate Hermes’ stolen staff. Or you can skip to the part where Percy takes Annabeth on a romantic date, it’s up to you.

Leo, Jason and Piper also get their own adventure and it takes place just before they are set to go on their next adventure with other demigods, which you will read more of in the upcoming release, The Mark of Athena.

Finally, have you ever wondered why monsters are so good at tracking down demigods? You’ll have one demigod to blame. What’s great about this story is that we learn Rick’s son Haley is just as talented as his dad when it comes to writing these action-packed stories! This only means we can be assured of even more demigod tales in the years to come.

This was defi nitely a fun read, even if they were not as lengthy as the novels. And it’s a great way to cure us from our Heroes of Olympus fix. (Rick Riordan)