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How many times did I learn from my blogger friends that I was the one who inspired them to be bold and brave in uncovering their real identity and/ or putting up their pics on the web? That’s a very risky thing to do, but admirable for their being personal and sincere. This tech virus that I bring is very contagious, haha.

Recently, I helped my Teacher Consultant colleagues in the DC Area Writing Project set up their own educator’s blogs. I am very happy with the outcome, both blogs are successful in what they’re supposed to be:

THE DC TEACHER blog = (by DCAWP Teacher Consultant, Elizabeth Davis) This blog is an information portal developed by a DC teacher to inform and engage DCPS Teachers in issues and policy decisions impacting their profession and public education in the district.

MRS.C-S’s CLASS WEBLOG = (by DCAWP Teacher Consultant, Trelane Clark) This is where her class will communicate, share, and discuss what they are doing in the classroom. It is for students, parents and anyone else who wants to stay informed about all the great work that they are doing.

DIGITAL WRITING, DIGITAL TEACHING blog = (by Red Cedar Writing Project Teacher Consultant, Troy Hicks) A blog about teaching English through technology.

Well, I didn’t create Troy’s blog. He’s probably more knowledgeable than I am in using this blogging technology; he’s working on integrating podcasts right now. I look up to him as one of my mentors being in the NWP Tech Liaison’s national leadership team. But I am very flattered to know that I was one of the people who really inspired him to create his own educator’s blog.

This made me reflect on how many teachers are getting into this new blogging technology. I wonder what the exact stats are of educators who start their own weblogs everyday. But “to facilitate communication with parents, some Arizona schools are asking teachers to maintain their own webpages” (via Education Wonks). My school, Jefferson Junior High School, is also encouraging teachers to create their own websites/ weblogs so we can make homeworks accessible to our students even after class hours.

When I was appointed last year as the new DC Area Writing Project’s Technology Liaison, I told my director, Judith Kelly, that I am going to advocate for the use of technology among the DC Public Schools teachers. The job granted to me wasn’t a job at all, because I am enjoying what I am doing sharing what I know about integrating writing and technology inside the classroom…blogging in short. I’ve taught teachers who are taking graduate courses create their own class websites through blogs. I’ve given seminar workshops to my fellow DCAWP Teacher Consultants on Blogging 101. I am practicing what I preach. I guess I am doing what is expected of me 😀

How many teacher bloggers do I know? Many, and the number is still growing everyday.

Below is a list of my teacher blogger friends globally. If you know someone who’s supposed to be in this list, please let us know. We would want to exchange ideas and learn from each other through blogging *wink*

Thailand: Little Miss Teacher/ UK: Primary Teacher UK / Philippines: Mga Turo ni Tito Rolly, Teacher Bugsy, School Librarian in Action , Filipino Librarian /USA: Education in Texas (Texas) Fred’s World (Florida), Digital Writing Digital Teaching (Michigan), Education Wonks (CA), Beliza’s Handiwork (CA), The DC Education Blog, The DC Teacher, Mrs C-S Fifth Grade Class, Ms. Coti’s Fourth Grade Giants , The Chutry Experiment (Washington DC) , First Year Teacher (Colorado) / Middle East: Iranian Teacher XP / Australia: The Open Classroom

Educators Community Blogs: National Writing Project, DC Area Writing Project, Pinoy Teachers Network, Jefferson Junior HS Community Website

Teacher Sol is a proactive blogger. She’s now blogging at www.teachersol.blogspot.com.

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