Indulge in a Chinese Feast

The weather’s been really crazy lately. I’m just not sure how it contributed to my recently weird appetite like craving for Peking Duck Pizza!

This not-so-usual pizza I discovered when together with a friend we feasted on a stretch of buffet specialties at the new Radisson Blu Hotel Cebu. Then our attention got transferred particularly towards the Chinese section where people flocked to get a piece of everything. And oh, what’s with the red outfit?

It was when Chinese New Year comes to mind. Yes. It’s about time to practice our “Kung Hei Fat Choi” or “Kiong Hee Huat Tsai” again!

The longest and most important festivity in the Chinese Lunar Calendar, the Chinese New Year is celebrated for about 15 days. Within China and some countries in the world with significant Chinese populations like ours, customs and traditions concerning the celebration of the Chinese New Year vary widely from buying presents to decorations, lucky charms and clothing mostly in red hues. These practices are believed to usher wealth, longevity, happiness and good luck in general. While the popular lion dance and fireworks are symbolic rituals that signal the New Year as well as to ward off evil spirits.

And how about the food, you ask.

Preparing food might be an understatement, because it’s a feast that is usually served during Chinese New Year. According to traditions, the sumptuous banquet includes fish which is usually not eaten completely so there’s left for tomorrow (basically translates to “may there be fish every year.”) Chicken, ducks, and dumplings are also regulars. Sweets and dried fruits are packed in red or black Chinese boxes. Noodles for long life of course, and fruits that are particularly golden and round like
oranges implies fortune.

If you’re in for dessert, the sticky Chinese New Year pudding (locally known as tikoy) is essential should you wish for a more prosperous year.

In Radisson Blu, Chinese New Year is among the big celebrations this year. Executive chef Ofir is sprucing up the buffet selection starting Feb. 2 for a weeklong Chinese New Year Lunch and Dinner Buffet special.

For P1,288+ one’ll get fireworks, lion dance and ang paos and of course Peking Duck Pizza. (Lylle Zarrene M. Roa)


Photos by Amper Campaña