Just Desserts

By Elisabeth Baumgart I’M starting to have a huge craving for Napoleones. For those who have been living under a rock and have not heard about this wonderfully sinful treat, Napoleones are layered puffed pastries filled with custard cream and glazed with white sugar on top. It’s every calorie-conscious person’s nightmare and secret dream-come-true all


By Jedd Uy I have a bit of a dilemma. As interested as I am to jump on the sudden “minion” craze that preceded the opening of one movie not too long ago, the odds do not seem to be in my favor. I’d like to say that it had to do with the fact

(Rock and) Roll

By Jedd Uy EVER had those days where nothing seems to be going right? One week into my swamped lifestyle, and having managed to squeeze in exercising my right of “suffer-age,” I can say that I have. Almost as surprising as some election results is my sudden inability to put words together (or my two


By Jedd Uy NOT exactly a word you’d associate with summer. My fellow yuppies and I, having just wrapped up our first “major concert” as a band during our company’s summer outing, found it high time to be grabbing some rest after almost a week of non-stop practice (at the end of the night, with

Pablo PH

By: Elisabeth Baumgart OUR laundry lady scurried down the stairs one morning and rushed into our apartment, begging to hand over our dirty laundry.  It was seven in the morning, and I was just about to leave the house for work – sleepy and a bit disoriented still. It’s a first, really.  Since most of the time she’d delay washing clothes […]


By Elisabeth Baumgart I’VE finally come to realize that movie moments are for real. And no, I am not talking about finding true love, running on a flower field, and lying down next to a handsome lover in a bed of dandelions and daisies. That moment still kind of evades me—and I still have to […]


By: Elisabeth Baumgart AS I was about to type this column, my monitor shook violently and the little dog (Bob) teetered to the side and nearly fell off my monitor. And despite the fact that it’s Halloween and creepy stuff usually happens during this day, I was inclined to believe that this had nothing to […]