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November 1st, 2005Blog headlines, Techie tipsadmin 0 Comments

Veteran publisher Jason Calacanis of Weblogs, Inc. talks about how their publishing consortium of 100 independent bloggers who publish over 1,000 blog posts a week grew blog ad revenues with Google Adsense from $200 to P$3,000 a day. Article found via

September 21st, 2005Content-wise, Techie tips 0 Comments

There must be something in the food I ate the other night that hypnotized me to clean my office desk yesterday afternoon. If there is such a thing as a love potion, there must be some kind of cleaning potion mixed in that food. Like most IT professionals, my desk is usually as cluttered as […]

September 6th, 2005Techie tips 0 Comments

At first you may think that there’s no such thing as a “professional” blogger. But since the popularity of blogging took off several years ago, coupled with the popularity of various e-commerce models, the concept of earning from blogs has gained hold in the economics of cyberspace.

Technology is really fast changing and I find it challenging to cope 😀 but I enjoy every bit of stuff I learn from you guys! Now, my turn…here are some quick references to vlogs, wikis, podcasting, clickers, etc. This is very informative. I learned a lot of new infos from this link. When you […]

Originally uploaded by ninicab. Sun.Star journalist studies how to post to the Sun.Star Blog Chronicles from her mobile phone.

August 7th, 2005Techie tips 0 Comments

In WordPress, you can determine which part of your post gets displayed in the home page as teaser to the full article. You can either do this using excerpts or the more tag. I suggest you use the More tag: <!–more–> . It’s an easier way to customize the length of the article’s teaser in […]

July 24th, 2005Techie tips 0 Comments

In some sites and blogs, you’d see an icon displayed before the website address in the URL field instead of the Internet Explorer icon or the globe icon in Firefox. This is the favicon or the favorites icon. The icon is also displayed before the website’s name in your favorites list. If you want to […]

So a blog is just an online journal, you say? For the typical individual, perhaps, blogs can serve primarily as online journals, with the usual “today this is what I did,” entry and commonly with links to related and interesting sites/blogs, photographs, and other multimedia content. But you can definitely do so much more with blogs.

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