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She’s tinsel town’s newest it-girl. And she’s everywhere, from billboards to glossies to the blogosphere, Liz Uy continues to fascinate with her eye for all things stylish. From being a magazine editor and celebrity stylist, Liz has become a star on her own with a multitude of endorsements under her hat. During a hectic day

Fiona Patricia S. Escandor tracks a delearship leader’s path to success It has been a widely accepted fact that men and cars go together—no questions asked; with most men easily jumping at the chance to have a collection of their own parked in their garages. But not Edward Onglatco, who has other priorities in mind.

Fiona Patricia S. Escandor offers a wistful glimpse at one refreshing culinary talent Her grandmother used to jot down her secret recipes on small pieces of paper and passed them on to her, and her dad, former Cebu City Sports Commission chairman Edwar…

Fiona Patricia S. Escandor relays a restaurateur’s culinary journey from Germany to Cebu IN THE late 80s, Liza Neumann’s dad used to own and run one of the first German establishments in the city. It was a small lodge along Jones Ave. called Frankfurter Hof, which had a restaurant on the ground floor and a

Fiona Patricia S. Escandor follows a creative team and their pursuit of happiness inside a garage TAKING inspiration from the comic books he avidly read as a child, Mark Deutsch used to make comic strips on bond paper and sold it to his neighbors for P…

By Fiona Patricia S. Escandor THERE’S no clear cut way of being a mom. There’s no written guidebook, no rules set in stone that says all there’s needed to know on how to become one. Yet many moms get by naturally, as they juggle between keeping a career intact, running a household and rearing children.

LOS ANGELES — Petite powerhouse Jessica Sanchez enjoyed singing ballads on last season’s “American Idol,” where she placed second. But the 17-year-old said ballads aren’t her only interest: Sanchez is hoping to capture a new — and younger — audience with her debut album, “Me, You & the Music,” released this week. “People don’t know

Noe has always been fascinated by the arts and used to dance, sing, draw and play musical instruments. But makeup was the art form she decided to pursue, based on her life-long passion and natural talent for it. “Since I was a little girl, I always loved makeup,” Noe shares. “I would play with my

HE starts his day with coffee with a dose of news from Sun.Star Cebu online. By 8 a.m., he drives to his office and spends most of the day poring over documents. “I need to know everything that goes on in the office,” said Citom Executive Director Rafael Yap, who adds he even does the

CAMELS. Lots of camels. This was what Dwynn Ronald V. Trazo expected to see in Dubai, which in his mind was a wilderness of dust. “I was wrong, big time,” said Dwynn, who now works as a multi-awarded senior infographic designer at Gulf News, in an office that offers a view of the tallest skyscraper

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