Luczon: Facing the storm

TWELVE days short, more or less, until the first anniversary of that Tropical Storm “Sendong” had set its wrath over Northern Mindanao, and here we are anticipating yet another storm that is said to be much stronger than last year. I hope that the day this will be printed, it will change its course or will lessen its intensity, God Willing.

This storm whose name was internationally known as “Bopha,” and soon to be “Pablo” when it enters the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR), is said to become a “super typhoon” with a diameter of 400-500 kilometers and 500-millimeter rainfall measurement, dwarfing “Sendong” with at least a difference of 400 millimeters.
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Sanchez: The great floods

I’M SAFE and dry here in Bacolod. I can’t say the same thing with my relatives and friends in Metro Manila, though. Dear Lord, may you keep them safe and warm.

I would mostly likely be suffering with them right now had I not traded the big city life for the laidback promdi Bacolod experience. After all, I studied and had been working there for a time until I decided to return to Bacolod.

However, after seeing photos and footages of flooded Metro Manila over a low pressure area (LPA) with continuous rains, or of Ondoy three years ago, I know I can count my blessings. (Read the rest of this entry)

Cabaero: Simplifying typhoon terms

THE call issued last week for the weather bureau to use easy to understand terms in giving typhoon information was not the first.

Over the past years, such recommendations were made after updates during inclement weather conditions were not heeded because the information was beyond the understanding of most citizens.

President Benigno Aquino III echoed that call last Thursday at the height of flooding in parts of Luzon and Metro Manila due to rains brought by Typhoon “Gener.” Aquino cited terms used in the forecast such as “7 to 10 millimeters of rain,” low pressure area “surge,” “relative humidity” and “luminosity of the moon.” (Read the rest of this entry)