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NEW YORK — Security experts said passwords of more than 2 million Facebook, Google and other accounts have been compromised and circulated online, just the latest example of breaches involving leading Internet companies. Some services including Twitter have responded by disabling the affected passwords. But there are several things you can do to minimize further […]

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THE internet, as we know it, is our source of entertainment, news, gossips, and even leisure like playing games. Most of us spend time on the Internet, leave it right there and wait for a notification informing us that we’ve received something or someone has interacted with us. The Internet changed the way we see …

MUNICIPAL WI-FI. I spent a day in Argao and was pleasantly surprised to find several dependable and free Wi-Fi hotspots. I was surprised because in Cebu City, free Wi-Fi access isn’t as widespread as they say it is in places such as Davao City. When I say free, I mean full Internet access without having […]

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