Fernandinos celebrate Frog Festival

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO — For almost a week, they again came jumping, leaping, singing and dancing into the limelight — that is, both frogs and humans — as the City of San Fernando celebrated the 10th “Pyestang Tugak” or Frog Festival which culminated with a grand show of Fernandino talent Saturday at Robinsons Starmills.

Themed “Pamakibage, Pamanantabe, Pamia-abe,” this year’s festival, as Mayor Oscar Rodriguez aptly put it, “reminds us of the humble beginnings from where we came and the heights that we have scaled toward a better life through giant strides, much like those vigorous leaps that frogs are capable of making. Lowly regarded yet admirable for their resiliency and flexibility are these creatures we fete with such festivities like the street dance competition, choral and frog mascot contests, the ‘padwasan and sukluban’ and frog leaping and race.” Continue reading –>