The Heat: One hot comedy

SANDRA Bullock loves the f-word. Oh yes. Miss Congeniality said so, in a recent interview on “When you say the f-bomb in just the right way, with enough power behind it…there’s nothing else like it. It’s poetry in motion,” Ms Bullock said with unalloyed conviction. But, she added, “I use it wisely. I don’t

‘After Earth’ leaves bad aftertaste

I DON’T see why “After Earth” is raising such a fuss about its not-so subtle references to Scientology. So what if it does? So what if Will Smith is following in Tom Cruise’s footsteps on the path to spiritual enlightenment? That’s not the point. Religious inclination has got nothing to do with the fact that

‘Fast and Furious 6’: Turbocharged mayhem

GOSH, is it FF6 already? I saw the first chapter of what has become a profitable franchise, and caught snatches of the second (“Tokyo Drift”) on Cinemax. Numbers 3, 4 and 5 slipped past me completely. I can understand one or two sequels to a movie which is basically a demolition derby for muscle cars.

The not-so-great ‘Gatsby’

I’M sure never in his wildest dreams did F. Scott Fitzgerald imagine his book “The Great Gatsby” reincarnated as a 3D movie. But Baz Luhrmann (“Moulin Rouge!”, “Romeo+Juliet,” “Australia”) is one director who delights in creating something that pushes the envelope. Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby” is definitely more mind-blowing than any of the book’s three

‘Bromance’: Low-brow comedy with a difference

IT USED to be called “buddy film,” a screen glorification of male bonding at its strongest. “Buddy” later gave way to “bro,” which some shrewd wordsmith fused with “romance.” So now we have “bromance” – new label, same gooey stuff. Westerns provided a rich source of bromance. The “Davy Crockett” and “Lone Ranger” compilations were

‘The Bride and the Lover’ hard to pin down

IT ISN’T everyday that I encounter a movie that features a bizarre love triangle, two aborted weddings and a happy ending. It’s like discovering a new species of animal that is evolutionarily dysfunctional. Regal Films’ “The Bride and the Lover” has been fancifully described as “a highly-charged erotic-drama,” but I don’t think that doesn’t quite

‘Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’: Humor outsourced

TROLLING the cable movie channels last week for something more cerebral than monster anacondas on a rampage and the undead stalking the living, I chanced upon “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.” The film didn’t make it to local theaters, as far as I know, unless it had a short, unheralded run. That means we missed