Argao’s IT-in-charge

What does the town of Argao get for one peso a year?

It pays for the services of a man responsible for the town’s new technology innovations–IT consultant Querubin Momongan.

Momongan is responsible for putting into place a proposal for a wireless fidelity (wi-fi) zone at the town square.

The full computerization of business processes in the municipal hall was implemented under his guidance and expertise.

Argao’s IT-in-charge also leads an ambitious undertaking to decentralize treasury operations to the barangays and provide Internet access to all schools, homes, and villages through the local broadband network (LBN) project.

Although he retired in 2003 after spending almost 24 years as a bank consultant abroad, Momongan said he came out of retirement last year when he was asked to help by Mayor Edsel Galeos, a close personal friend.

“He (mayor) is a very good friend of mine. He asked me to help so I helped,” he said.

Momongan explained he is trying to duplicate in Argao what he has learned abroad, given the budget constraints and other limitations of a third-class town.

“We are 15-20 years behind technology advancements” of a first world country like the United States, he added.

He said though that once the town implements its LBN project, it would be at par with other technology-savvy nations. That’s not bad for an idea that first cropped up over a bottle of wine, he added.

Momongan attributes to the mayor improvements seen in the past 10 months that have not been witnessed in the town for so many years.

“This is all because of him (mayor). He is strong-willed, goal-driven, charismatic, approachable. Wala siya’y minus (He has no bad trait),” Momongan said, by way of explaining his desire to continually introduce improvements to the town using new technology, for a salary of only one peso a year.