Appreciating your teachers

Just because you’re not the teacher’s pet doesn’t mean your teachers are not worth appreciating. How else would you know the ways of the world if not for them?

You may not know it, but teachers do have a tough job ahead of them. When your parents are gone, they are the ones responsible for you. And if you think your parents have a tough time keeping you out of trouble, can you imagine a teacher who is reponsible for an entire class?

Here are some ways to you can take the burden off your teachers.

• Behave. When your teacher is speaking, the least you can do is listen. Don’t run around the classroom or talk to your seatmate. Or worse, don’t pull out a cellphone or mini game. You’re not even supposed to bring those things to school.

• Do your assignments. Trust us, your teachers don’t give you homework just to make your life harder. They give you these things to make sure you get a better understanding of the lesson. They also want to make sure you are prepared for the coming discussions.

• Participate. Don’t just sit in class like a zombie. If you know the answer to a question, raise your hand and give the answer. No wonder some of you fall asleep in class. It’s because you’re not really participating.

• Be nice. Teachers can get really tired from all the talking and coaxing they have to do to get you and your classmates to understand the lesson. A small smile or a polite request is enough to get them going. If you’re being rude and nasty, it makes their job even more difficult.

Remember, teachers are human, too. They are not perfect, but we all know they do try their best. Let’s all give them a pat on the back to show them they are special.