October, 2015

October 28th, 2015NewsGood Earth 0 Comments

VARIOUS environment groups are calling for the national government to amend the Philippine Environmental Impact Statement System (PEISS) and include climate-mitigation standards, to help farms and plantations become resilient to climate change. The env…

October 26th, 2015NewsGood Earth 0 Comments

THE Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) 7 urged local governments to set aside a budget to buy masks that will protect their constituents from haze. It said yesterday that the level of small dust particles in Cebu’s air has gone beyond safe limits. As Cebu continues to experience the smaze—a term the weather bureau coined, combining

October 17th, 2015Newsbacolod 0 Comments

The Iluminado Nessia Elementary School and Emiliano Lizares National High School bagged the championship awards in the MassKara street and arena dance school category competition held at the Paglaum Sports Complex. Read more…

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