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I am a concerned citizen who works in North reclamation area and lives in Inayawan Pardo. I drive to work every day via the SRP and Sergio Osmena Blvd., which is where the entrance of the SRP tunnel is. There have been several occasions already wherein the traffic is so heavy that it is backed up all the way to Sugbutel, near SM… We are talking about more than 2-km of traffic jam. The main cause of this traffic is the little chapel that is located near the corner of S. Osmena Blvd & V. Sotto St., Barangay Tinago. I do not know why the barangay captain/Citom allows this chapel to obstruct almost one-third of the entire road even during rush hour in the morning and late afternoon. Worse is that there is even nobody staying there.

We respect and sympathize with the family/relatives of the departed who want to mourn their loved ones. But I think they should also consider the thousands of commuters/PUV/drivers who are very much inconvenienced by this setup.

I suggest they put up their tent even around 7 p.m. where traffic in that area is lighter during that time. Last time this happened, there was an ambulance that was caught up in this jam in the area between pier 4 and 5. I hope the Citom, City Hall or Barangay Tinago look into this matter.

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