Eid’l Fitr 2013

During the special prayer for Eid’l Fitr, it’s always a delight to spot the antics of children too young to understand the celebration as they stand out from the sea of veiled women and capped men bowed down in prayer. (King Rodriguez)

LulzSec hacker sentenced in Sony data breach

LOS ANGELES — Federal prosecutors say a hacker has been sentenced in a data breach that exposed personal information for 138,000 people kept in Sony Pictures Entertainment computers. Los Angeles U.S. attorney’s spokesman Thom Mrozek says 21-year-old Raynaldo Rivera was sentenced Thursday to 366 days in prison, 13 months of house arrest and 1,000 hours …

Orangutans sold to China: Will DENR reveal the truth?

UPON reading the news in recent months I have found myself congratulating the Philippine’s authorities for its strong opposition towards illegal wildlife trading. The government’s position on this serious issue appears on the face of it to be commendable. This euphoria has since been tinged with disappointment, even suspicion. Now I’m thinking maybe all is