Villaflor: Make that semifinal happen

MY ONLY wish today is for Loyola FC to have won against S. League side Tanjong Pagar in their Singapore Cup first leg quarterfinal match.

(That is most likely the case, but by the time the result was known last night, this column would have rolled off the press.) (READ MORE)

Pestaño: The sad story of Borislav Ivanov

BORISLOV IVANOV is a 25-year-old computer programmer who many people suspect of cheating in tournaments. Though the accusations have never been proven, he has been suspended from playing for four months by the Bulgarian Chess Federation. I think it is unfair.

He was punished because he did not show up for a test of his newly found skills at the board. The federation also wanted him to take a lie-detector or polygraph test. (READ MORE)

Arnisadors take center stage

MORE THAN 200 athletes from 12 countries will join a three-day arnis tournament in Mandaue City.

The Doce Pares World Invitational 2013, which starts today, is also a qualifying tournament for Filipino athletes who want a slot in the national team for next year’s world championship in Debrecen, Hungary. (READ MORE)

Google unveils new Nexus 7, Internet TV device

SAN FRANCISCO — Google is betting consumers will pay slightly more for a sleeker, more powerful version of its Nexus 7 tablet as the Internet company escalates its rivalry with Apple and in technology’s key battleground — the mobile computing market. The fancier devices unveiled Wednesday in San Francisco will go on sale in …