Apple files for ‘iWatch’ trademark in Japan

TOKYO (UPDATED) — Apple Inc. has applied for a trademark in Japan for “iWatch” as rumors suggest it may be developing a smart wristwatch. A document obtained Monday from the Japan Patent Office’s website said the application was made June 3 and made public June 27. It was not immediately clear when the application might …

World War Z

A zombie apocalypse that calls for calm and quiet Might there be a real-life zombie apocalypse one day? Not likely, but then again, the way zombies have chomped their way into our pop culture the last several years, it’s maybe a bit less implausible than it once was. What IS increasingly quite plausible, alas, is

Chef’s Daughter

Fiona Patricia S. Escandor relays a restaurateur’s culinary journey from Germany to Cebu IN THE late 80s, Liza Neumann’s dad used to own and run one of the first German establishments in the city. It was a small lodge along Jones Ave. called Frankfurter Hof, which had a restaurant on the ground floor and a

The Lenovo K900: a lean, mean, smart machine

Lenovo leapfrogs ahead of competition with its flagship smartphone, the K900. The company’s latest smartphone sports the robust features that make it one of the most promising high-end devices that has set benchmarks for the mobile phone industry. Announced early this year, the Lenovo K900 was one of the most anticipated devices from the leading …

Nokia buys network operations from Siemens

HELSINKI (UPDATED) — Nokia is turning to the stronger-performing parts of its business to help bolster its struggling smartphone arm, as it offered Siemens 1.7 billion euros ($2.22 billion) for its half of the networks joint venture. Finland’s Nokia Corp. said Monday that the transaction will be completed during the third quarter this year, meaning …

Limpag: So long, Google Reader

GOOGLE Reader, a favorite tool of many information junkies, is scheduled to be discontinued today. Google Reader is a news aggregator that uses RSS (really simple syndication) feeds. Reader simplifies and centralizes the keeping track of news by allowing you to check on the latest articles of sites in just one place – the Google …

Kris Aquino proud of her son’s weight loss

QUEEN of All Media Kris Aquino is proud of the achievements of her son, Joshua, when it comes to weight loss and having a healthy body. It was first quarter of last year when Kris shared that her first born was trying to lose weight and had to endure rigorous trainings and other fitness activities.

Newest Koreanovela My Daughter, Seoyoung begins airing on GMA

Kapuso fans will definitely be hooked as the newest Koreanovela My Daughter, Seoyoung begins airing tonight, Monday. My Daughter, Seoyoung is a drama that tells the story of Seoyoung (Lee Bo Young) who chooses to cut off her ties with her incompetent and troublesome father. Coming from a poor family, Seoyoung juggles her studies and