Masbad: Email

EMAIL has been around for more than 41 years. Yes, folks, 41 years since the first network mail was sent by a programmer named Raymond Tomlinson. That was 1971. Email became such a huge part of our daily lives that in 1998, the Oxford English Dictionary added “spam” as an entry referring to all that …

Tessa Prieto Valdes’ Website Launch

When socialite, interior designer, newspaper columnist and triathlete Tessa Prieto Valdes throws a party, you can bet it is a successful one. Her website launch was no different as it was held at the Y2 Residence Hotel in Makati City, this time, with the famous manila sunset as the backdrop. Guests of Tessa enjoyed the

‘Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’: Humor outsourced

TROLLING the cable movie channels last week for something more cerebral than monster anacondas on a rampage and the undead stalking the living, I chanced upon “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.” The film didn’t make it to local theaters, as far as I know, unless it had a short, unheralded run. That means we missed

Huephoric High

Noe has always been fascinated by the arts and used to dance, sing, draw and play musical instruments. But makeup was the art form she decided to pursue, based on her life-long passion and natural talent for it. “Since I was a little girl, I always loved makeup,” Noe shares. “I would play with my