Election gun ban starts January 13

THE Police Regional Office in Davao is set to implement the election gun ban from January 13 to June 12 in preparation for the May 13 polls.

Inspector Rowena M. Jacosalem, deputy police officer of PRO-Davao said, in a phone interview with Sun.Star Davao, that they are having a series of meetings and conferences with other officials of PRO in preparation for the five-month gun ban. Read the rest of this entry

Comelec asked to hasten case resolution

NATIONALIST People’s Coalition (NPC) mayoralty candidate Jude Thaddeus Sayson is asking the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to resolve the petition declaring his relative, Julius Sayson, as a nuisance candidate.

In his mailed request to the Comelec, he asks the commission to make an early decision on his petition as he noticed that most of those who filed the same petition have not received any information that the commission has acted on it. Read the rest of this entry

BM: Nothing personal vs Guv

BOARD Member Emilio Yulo III clarified Friday that they have nothing against Governor Alfredo Marañon and that they are just after the welfare of the whole province.

Yulo made the statement in reaction to the statement of Marañon that if the City Council is after him, they should only zero the budget of the Office of the Governor and not to disapprove the whole 2013 budget. Read the rest of this entry

An Waray amenable for official placing in ballots

AN WARAY party-list Representative Florencio Noel said he is amenable with the raffle for the official placing of party-list organizations in the ballots to be used in the May 13 midterm elections.

“It’s okay. I think it won’t affect us. People would look for the name of the party-list they want to vote for,” Noel said in an interview. Read the rest of this entry

Say Your Prayers

Photo by Sun.Star CebuSinulog, considered to be Cebu’s grandest and biggest festival, is celebrated in honor of Sr. Sto. Niño.

This Sinulog season, let us not forget to give thanks to the Baby Jesus for all the blessings that we received. You can leave your prayers by posting them as comment below and Sun.Star will compile and forward your prayer petitions and send them to the Basilica del Sto. Niño church where they will be read during masses.

You can also say this prayer to Sto. Niño:

O Senor Santo Niño, you are our king and our God, we worship you. You are our strong defender, we turn to you. You are the patron of Cebu, the Philippines and the world, we come to you; You have made extraordinary wonders through your miraculous image in those chosen islands, remember us. Look down at this poor soul that comes to you for help. Lead us with Your wisdom; discipline us with your truth; console us with your tenderness, protect us with your might.

We consecrate today our thoughts of you, only with you shall they be occupied; our words, only of you shall they speak; our sufferings, that we may endure them for your sake. We beg you Señor Santo Niño, illumine our understanding, kindle our will, cleanse our body, sanctify our soul. We wish what you wish, because you wish, as you wish, as long as you wish.

Grant us, Señor Santo Niño, that we may feel love toward you, be strict toward ourselves be zealous toward our fellowmen, and rightly despise the things of the world. Help us to overcome sensuality with strict discipline, avariciousness with generosity, anger with gentleness, indolence with zealous industry. Make us wise in counsel, courageous in danger, patient in adversity, humble in prosperity.

Teach us, dear Santo Niño, how worthless is the world, how sublime is heaven, how brief is time, how long is eternity. Grant us, lastly, that we may remember you, adore you, love you and serve you here on earth that we may be happy with you forever and ever in heaven.



For those looking for the lyrics of the Bato Balani sa Gugma, a hymn for Sto. Niño, here is the lyrics:


Batobalani sa gugma,
Sa daan tawo palanga.


Dinhi sa siudad sa Sugbo
ang matahum larawan.
sa unang mga misionero,
sa usang balay hipalgan.
Kanila ikaw nagpakita
gikan da sa imong gugma.


Giludhan ikaw gisingba
niadtong mga kaparian
sa tanan nga katawhan
sa mga ponoan nila:
kay sa pagtan-aw kanimo
Kristianos sila nahimo.


Ang singbahan gipatindog
niadtong mga tawhana,
aron ang larawan nimo
dunay usang puluyanan.
ug didto gihangyo nila
nga kaluyan nimo sila.


Nangayo kami kanimo
nga ang matahum mong larawan,
sa sulud sa kalag namo
makahimong puluyanan,
kay sa tanan kinahanglan
ikaw ang among dalangpan.


Novena Masses Schedule

January 10-20, 2013 General Novena Masses Schedule – Pilgrim Sponsors

Theme: “Journeying Together in Faith with Sto. Niño”

5:30 am – City Parishes / Barangays
7:00 am – Business Sectors
8:30 am – Basic Education – Private Schools
10:00 am – Parishes: District & Vicariate
11:30 am – Business Sectors
1:00 pm – Government Offices: City & Provincial
2:30 pm – Basic Education – Public by Districts
4:00 pm – Colleges
5:30 pm – Universities
7:00 pm – Archdiocesan Organizations, Movement & Communities


FIRST DAY NOVENA – January 10, 2013 (Thursday) Dawn Procession – WALK WITH JESUS

4:00 am – Assembly Time – (Area) Fuente Osmeña
4:30 am – FOOT PENITENTIAL PROCESSION (Fuente Osmeña – Basilica)
Please bring your rosaries, candles & statue of Santo Niño.
5:30 am – FIRST MASS – Installation of Hermano and Hermana Mayores 2013


SECOND DAY NOVENA – January 11, 2013 (Friday)

2:30 pm – Opening Salvo Sinulog Foundation
8:30 pm – Senior Citizens’ Night


THIRD DAY NOVENA – January 12, 2013 (SATURDAY)

8:30 pm – Barangay Night/ Halad sa Barangay


FOURTH DAY NOVENA – January 13, 2013 (SUNDAY)

8:30 am – Children’s Mass with Colegio del Sto. Niño


NINTH DAY NOVENA – January 18, 2013 (FRIDAY) Dawn Procession – WALK WITH MARY

4:00 am – Assembly Time – (Area) Fuente Osmeña
4:30 am – FOOT PENITENTIAL PROCESSION (Fuente Osmeña – Basilica)
Please bring with you rosaries, candle & statues of Santo Niño.

5:30 am – Holy Mass and Novena

(Motorcade proceeds to National Shrine of St. Joseph, Mandaue City)

1 – 2 pm – District Teachers Traditional Halad
8:30 pm – Reenactment of the First Wedding
– DepEd Night


VESPERAS – January 19, 2013 ( SATURDAY)

5:30 am – Visayan Mass
7:00 am – Mass for the OFW Families
7:00 am – FLUVIAL PROCESSION – Route: Ouano Wharf, Mactan Bridge, Lapu-lapu, Pasil, Pier 1
9:30 am – Reenactment of the Arrival of the Image
10:00 am – Reenactment of the First Mass and Baptism
1:00 pm – Solemn Procession of the Miraculous Image
6:00 pm – Pontifical Mass, Traditional Sinulog, Fireworks Display



4:00 am – Mañanita Mass
6:00 am – Pontifical Mass with His Grace Cebu Archbishop Jose B. Palma, D.D.
8:30 am – Augustinian Recollect Communities
10:00 am – Cebuano mass
11:30 am – English Mass
1:00 pm – Cebuano Mass
2:20 pm – Cebuano Mass
4:00 pm – Cebuano Mass
5:30 pm – English Mass
7:00 pm – English mass



6:00 am – Cebuano Mass
7:00 am – English Mass
8:00 am – Mass for the OFWs
10:00 am – Thanksgiving Mass with San Nicolas Parish
2:00 pm – Thanksgiving Mass – Sinulog Foundation
4:00 pm – Requiem Mass for the Deceased Devotees
5:30 pm – Healing Mass for the Sick and the Aged
7:00 pm – English Mass


HUBO – January 25, 2013 (FRIDAY)

4:00 am – “Hubo Mass”
6:00 am – Cebuano Mass
7:00 am – English Mass
8:00 am – English Mass
9:00 am – Cebuano Mass
10:00 am – Cebuano Mass
11:00 am – Cebuano Mass
12:00 nn – English Mass
1:00 pm – Cebuano Mass
2:00 pm – English Mass
3:00 pm – Cebuano Mass
4:00 pm – Cebuano Mass
5:00 pm – English Mass
6:00 pm – English Mass
7:00 pm – English Mass