Lunar charms

When worries cloud the wits, eyes (commonly known as the window to the soul) tend to dart their way up where something round shines brilliantly in the night. The soul probably longs for some enlightenment. Consciously or otherwise, the mind seems to seek refuge in the promising radiance it gives, no matter how foreign, unknown and unreachable to the human hand it may […]

Absolutely Foolproof Food for Family and Friends

by Rosemary Shrager With a few perfect recipes in your repertoire, you can master any dish and create many more. Rosemary Shrager’s Absolutely Foolproof Food for Family & Friends makes it easy to cook over 300 classic tried-and-tested recipes perfectly every time. With crystal clear instructions for over 20 essential dishes and techniques in fantastic […]

Pink, “The Truth About Love”

Listening to Pink’s new album is like watching a reality show about the ups and downs of her relationship with her husband, motorcycle racer Carey Hart: She’s over him at times, under him at others. There are fights, and makeups, and then more breakups. There are “I hate yous” and “I love yous.” And all […]