Jesus P. Garcia Sr.’s Memento

An old, yellowing campaign leaflet lists the man’s track record— reformist, student of law par excellence, civil society mover— but this one entry at the bottom virtually embodies the singular message of an entire life: “He does not belong to any political party.”

The piece of paper dates back to the time when he ran for a seat at the Constitutional Convention of 1971.

Jesus P. Garcia Sr., the independent Cebuano, signs off at 86.

He is laid to rest by a legacy enjoyed by the ladies and gentlemen of today’s dynamic community press.

An unyielding believer in the free press, Jesus Sr., the publisher, had shared the wisdom of editorial autonomy and of upholding public interest above all. He believes in the newspaper grounded upon public trust, and his passing renders those ideals more alive, even truer. A life well lived serves as a guidebook, anchorage for every student, every dreamer.

The ideal family man, lawyer, reformist, visionary, scholar, patriot, public servant, Jesus Sr. has set for us a goal, a gauge on which we aim our present and future efforts.

When dark clouds gather to blur our vision of a clear day, he will be the voice to coach us the right steps. He once lived his life as a voice in the wilderness, he shall be that voice again, audible and even more poignant, even in his passage. The visionary has left, but his visions sit well in the veins of those who believe in his ideals. He is our servant only because he is our champion.

Pens up, we offer a moment of silence on paper as the giant steps into the horizon.

Jesus P. Garcia Sr., the independent Cebuano.

So long, sir.

Memories from family members.