Use your video camera, high-resolution camera phone or digital device to take video or still photos that you can transform into a music video.

LIKE us on Facebook. Click the LIKE button on this link Sun.Star Cebu Yearbook Video Contest 2012 and upload your I love Cebu music video entry.

If uploaded on Youtube, copy and paste the link of your music video on the body of an e-mail form.

In the subject line of the e-mail, write “Music Video Contest” and your name.

If residing outside Cebu or abroad, include your hometown address in Cebu.

In the message form of the e-mail, put the link to your video entry, state your name, and current address. Send the e-mail to

Remember to save your original, high-resolution file as this would be needed if your entry wins.

State of original music was used. Sun.Star does not promote the infringement of copyright, intellectual property or propriety rights of others.

All submissions automatically become the property of Sun.Star Publishing Inc.

Invite your friends to “Like” your entry on Facebook.

Winners will be selected by a panel of judges whose decision will be final.

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