Argao celebrates 400 years of township

This year, Argao is undertaking a series of activities in line with its 400th Charter Day celebration.  The town presents a progressive face, with free wi-fi at the Municipal Hall and other technology innovations, as it commemmorates 400 years of township. Watch videos, go over photos, and read interesting tidbits about this second-class municipality in the Cebu Directory feature on Argao.

Argao elected and appointed officials

Elected Officials
Edsel A. Galeos Mayor 367 7111
Azucena M. Sesaldo Vice Mayor 09178685609
Vip F. Semilla Councilor 09178685610
Mariglen L. Bongcamil Councilor 09178685613
Albino R. Villacora Councilor 09178685614
Arnold Ch. Tecson Councilor 09178685615
Joaquin F. Banosong Councilor 09178685615
Prudencio G. Canada Councilor 09178685618
Marlon C. Miranda Councilor 09178685619
Guillermo S. Caminero Jr. Councilor 09178685620/4858487
Virgilio F. Rizon ABC President 09178685621
Richard delos Reyes PPSK president 09178685622
Appointed Officials
Eliezer E. Sarmago Administrator
Alexandra K. Cagigas Council secretary 09178685623/4858569
Sergio M. Sarchez Treasurer 09178685629
Annie M. Ranheim Assessor 3677267
Henry F. Bacaltos Planning and Dev. Coordinator 4868055
Virgilio V. Fuentes Engineer 09155536739
Deodora V. Carrillo Accountant 09178685624/3677551
Leah C. Relampago Budget Officer 09198833068
Jacqueline G. Reyes Civil Registrar 3677551 local 104
1. Reno Rhine Mamac Health Officer RHU I 09154322414
2. Farrah D. Del Villar Health Officer RHU II 09202143373
Adriano Rendon Agriculturist 3677520
Flordeliza A. Botero Social Welfare Officer 09205612839
Alex K. Gonzales Tourism, Cultural, Historical Officer
Atty. Arnold Tecson Clean and Green Comm. Exec. Officer 09227167725
Queubin L. Mamongan I.T. Consultant
Danilo Jumao-as Market/Security Consultant 09187241631/09176292415
Engracia C. Birondo Cooperative Consultant 3677463 /09198726359

Good food, personalized service at Borussia

Patrons drive 60 kilometers from Cebu City to eat at couple Jürgen and Chuchi Männchen’s Borussia Restaurant in the northern town of Sogod and that speaks a lot about the quality of food served there.

Asked about some of their diners, Chuchi mentions Tourism Secretary Ace Durano, his brother Representative Red Durano, and their father Danao Mayor Ramonito Durano III as among those who have eaten at Borussia.

He is so kind, Chuchi says of Ace, and adds it was a surprise to her that his and Red’s wives were twins.

Former governor Lito Osmeña had dropped in at the Männchen’s restaurant in Sogod as well, and countless others who have by word of mouth heard about German Jürgen’s culinary expertise.

Borussia’s visitors have one thing in common: they all want to sample restaurant bestsellers—like the beef roll served with red cabbage and mashed potato, goulash, and fricadelli (meat balls).

The restaurant is also becoming known for its breads and cakes, courtesy of master baker Jürgen, who started his baking career in Germany in 1961, when he was only 14 years old.

Jürgen bakes a wide selection, including pan de sal, French bread, rustica or dark whole bread, and spelt for the health conscious.

Although their breads are baked in Sogod, Chuchi says they deliver to some restaurants and private homes in Cebu City or arrange drop-off points for other customers.

The Männchens started their restaurant business while they were still in Germany and they have been at it for 30 years.

With their children grown up and the cold taking a toll on their health, the Männchens decided to live in Cebu, Chuchi’s home.

Their Borussia Restaurant first opened in Cebu City in 1998, until it moved to Sogod.

At Borussia Restaurant, diners, among them foreigners and others coming from as far as Ormoc City, can expect personalized service from Chuchi and Jürgen. They feel at home in Borussia because the restaurant is located right inside the couple’s home.

The restaurant is named Borussia, Chuchi says, after the couple’s favorite football team in Germany — the Borussia Mönchengladbach.

The Männchens had lived in Mönchengladbach for over 20 years.

Chuchi explains that Borussia is a goddess of fortune and it is annexed to many names of sports teams to bring luck, and adds that the name symbolizes influence and power in German history.

Interested in dining at Borussia? Contact the Mannchens at or call them at (032) 5162463 or (0917)3293753 for reservations.