August, 2008

IT WAS aimed at showcasing Sogod’s rich cultural heritage and natural wonders but the town’s first Panagsogod Festival did more than that. The festival, Sogod Vice Mayor Lissa Marie Durano said, united Sogoranons and bound them closer together. View photos of Panagsugod Festival Activities and preparations for the month-long celebration, which culminated on July 25 […]

Try out dishes and delicacies served by couple Jurgen (German) and Chuchi (Cebuana) Mannchen at their Borussia Restaurant in Sogod, Cebu. Click on thumbnails for bigger photos and captions.  Or learn why the restaurant’s name is Borussia.

A street dance competition was one of the highlights of Sogod’s first Panagsogod Festival. Street dance performers wore costumes in various colors and the first festival queen was named. Below are photos of the event. Click on thumbnails to view …

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When in Argao, don’t fail to make a side trip to Bugasok Falls. Bugasok can be reached by walking upriver along forested cliffs and solid boulders.  View photos or read more about this national treasure.

July 28th, 2008People 0 Comments

Sogod Mayor Vice Mayor Lissa Marie Durano, who is acting mayor, sees a lot of potential in her town. She is working hard to transform her municipality into a prime tourist destination in Cebu, aided in part by the popular Alegre Beach Resort and other town attractions. Learn more about the town in the Cebu […]

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Step into the old walled complex in Argao town and be transported to a time in history when friars ruled the land. Learn how to go around this progressive second-class municipality that offers free wi-fi connectivity at the town plaza. Avail of the many tours to nature and heritage sites offered for minimal cost by […]

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Try out dishes and delicacies served by couple Jurgen (German) and Chuchi (Cebuana) Mannchen at their Borussia Restaurant in Sogod, Cebu.
A feature on their restaurant is one of many materials about Sogod that can be found on a Cebu Directory special o…

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Find out why the Alegre Beach Resort is considered by many the ultimate private getaway in the town of Sogod in Cebu. Read about the resort and what makes it top class. Check out our feature on Sogod.

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Sogod’s first Panagsogod Festival, aptly carrying the slogan “Ang Sinugdanan (The beginning),” culminated on July 25 with street dancing and a fiesta banquet at the Municipal Hall.
Read  more of Panagsogod

July 28th, 2008Features 0 Comments

This year, Argao is undertaking a series of activities in line with its 400th Charter Day celebration.  The town presents a progressive face, with free wi-fi at the Municipal Hall and other technology innovations, as it commemmorates 400 years of township. Watch videos, go over photos, and read interesting tidbits about this second-class municipality in […]

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