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“Podcasting” refers to any software and hardware combination that permits automatic downloading of audio files to an MP3 player for listening at the user’s convenience. Podcasting allows education to become more portable than ever before, giving educators another way to meet today’s students where they live and learn—on the Internet and on audio players. (SOURCE: EduCause)

I couldn’t contain my happiness, so pardon me if I appear to be excited about this, haha. I experimented with podcast last night; and guess what…my first PODCASTING is now up in our Filipino Teachers’ community blog (which I started too). Maybe one of these days I should also try it in my own educator’s blog. I am also trying to experiment on how to integrate inside my classroom this new tech revolution that’s sweeping the internet at the moment.

Watch it here: .

Teacher Sol is a proactive blogger. Working with exceptional children made her realize that, just like the regular children, they need attention and someone to make them feel important. She’s now blogging at

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