September, 2005

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There must be something in the food I ate the other night that hypnotized me to clean my office desk yesterday afternoon. If there is such a thing as a love potion, there must be some kind of cleaning potion mixed in that food. Like most IT professionals, my desk is usually as cluttered as […]

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“Podcasting” refers to any software and hardware combination that permits automatic downloading of audio files to an MP3 player for listening at the user’s convenience. Podcasting allows education to become more portable than ever before, giving educators another way to meet today’s students where they live and learn—on the Internet and on audio players. (SOURCE: […]

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At first you may think that there’s no such thing as a “professional” blogger. But since the popularity of blogging took off several years ago, coupled with the popularity of various e-commerce models, the concept of earning from blogs has gained hold in the economics of cyberspace.

Technology is really fast changing and I find it challenging to cope 😀 but I enjoy every bit of stuff I learn from you guys! Now, my turn…here are some quick references to vlogs, wikis, podcasting, clickers, etc. This is very informative. I learned a lot of new infos from this link. When you […]

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