Pinoy Teachers Network, one month and still growing

Pinoy Teachers Network Bulletin Board


“Any new endeavour is always tough in the beginning”.

I gave us just two weeks to plan this out and prepare for the launching. Ready or not, the website of the Pinoy Teachers Network went officially up in cyberspace on July 12, 2005. We took the challenge. We learned from our own experiences and then finding our own way out of the obstacles we encountered. For most of us, quitting or not trying isn’t an option.

It’s been a month, can you believe it? What happened during that span of time, aside from my being so busy and missing my blog hopping routine?

We have more than 50 members now, and still growing. Teachers from the University of the Philippines (Visayas), Mindanao State University, De la Salle University, Claret School of QC, Xavier School of Greenhills… are proving themselves worthy of the title “Teacher” by being leaders themselves in their own schools.

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