July, 2005

Each day, members of Individualized Education Program (IEP) teams support students with disabilities who have trouble writing. Many students with mild disabilities know that they want to write but have difficulty with the mechanics of translating those thoughts to paper. They often disregard language skills such as spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Some students’ thoughts move […]

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In some sites and blogs, you’d see an icon displayed before the website address in the URL field instead of the Internet Explorer icon or the globe icon in Firefox. This is the favicon or the favorites icon. The icon is also displayed before the website’s name in your favorites list. If you want to […]

After going over so many themes, I’ve finally selected one that I’m happy with for the Sun.Star Blog Chronicles, a Sun.Star Network Online section intended to cover the blogging community. Thanks to Max, Sun.Star Cebu online editor, who suggested this theme and who took care of the necessary improvements. The Sun.Star Blog Chronicles is not […]

So a blog is just an online journal, you say? For the typical individual, perhaps, blogs can serve primarily as online journals, with the usual “today this is what I did,” entry and commonly with links to related and interesting sites/blogs, photographs, and other multimedia content. But you can definitely do so much more with blogs.

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This is a general social survey of weblog authors being conducted at the MIT Media Laboratory. Click to take the survey.

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